Morning Deals Seagate 8GB USB Pocket Drive for $39.99 Shipped

Tanga: Back to Basics Chrome Smoothie Maker for $14.99

• Amazon: $10 off $29 ConAgra Brand Foods

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  1. Sean O says:

    I loves me my Seagate pocket drive, and I only have the original 5GB version. Tough as nails, plenty fast, cool blue light. What more do ya want?

  2. Quickness says:

    Be careful with that “Back to Basics Chrome Smoothie Maker”. I purchased that unit awhile back, and after a few uses, you can smell the motor making a burning smell. Doing a random Google searched revealed several people with the exact same complaints.

    These comments, of course, are going with the assumption that you don’t like the flavor of burnt motor in your smoothie.

  3. 2Legit2Quit says:

    I actually have the same exact model of the smoothie maker and also get the burning smell that Quickness describes. Avoid it.