How To Improve Your Credit Score With Department Store Credit Cards

A worker in the credit industry, Derek, gave us some tips to help young Paul boost his access to credit so he can live his American Dream.

1) Apply for department store cards, like at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. These are “in-house revolving credit lines” and are not bank-issued.
2) Make a few small purchases with them, $25-$50.
3) Do not apply for any more credit cards, as that will raise his inquiry level
4) Most “pre-approved” letters are garbage, ignore them.
5) Wait 60-90 days, and your credit access should be boosted. Apply for a new card with a bigger name like American Express, or with a larger bank.

The advice also holds true for any person trying to get a leg up on building their credit history. — BEN POPKEN

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