Canadian Best Buy Says Goodbye To Mail-In Rebates

Responding to customer pressure, the Canadian branch of Best Buy has decided to do away with mail-in rebates, opting instead for easy to use instant rebates. From the Toronto Star:

Best Buy said consumers can expect to see prices remain low because the consumer electronics industry is so highly competitive. Instead of seeing fewer discounts, it could mean both retailers and suppliers take a hit on their bottom line. “I think you’re going to see us eat a little bit of it and the vendors eat a little bit of it,” Lotman said.

The manufacturers will realize some savings because rebates cost money to process.

To help Best Buy decide whether or not to extend the instant rebate program to the US, why not contact them and let them know what you think? —MEGHANN MARCO

Best Buy puts stop to mail-in rebates [Toronto Star]
(Photo: Ian Muttoo)

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