VIDEO: US Airways Baggage Handler Plays Tee-Ball With Packages

Ryan’s friend’s video camera caught a US Airways baggage handler practicing his baseball swing with customer packages.

The USPS tubes and boxes were set to board America West flight 131 from San Francisco to Las Vegas this Sunday, April 1.

Ryan writes:

Me and my 2 friends were in the San Fran airport Sunday waiting for our flight… As we were waiting to board, we were watching the guy load up luggage on the plane…. Well, one of these packages happened to be what looked like a poster tube. We watched in amazement as the guy picks up the tube, and starts hitting another package with it like he is playing tee-ball! He stopped stopped after a few swings and walked away. We thought it would be cool if we caught it on video so we pulled out the camera and started recording just hoping he would go at it again. Sure enough, the guy didn’t disappoint. He didn’t hit it as hard this time but you get the idea.

Now we know why our crystal teapots arrived in crumbs. Somewhere, a baggage handler played Butt’s Up with them. — BEN POPKEN