Smart Computer Shopper Roundup

Five Tips for Buying Dell
“…practical advice on picking out a new Dell PC or laptop…”

HOWNOTTO: Buy a Laptop
“Always buy from a reputable source with a positive track record. Otherwise, you may as well be buying a paper bag covered with question marks…”

How To Buy a Laptop on Ebay
“Much of the advice is common sense but are good reminders to review when salivating over the latest i-Thingy, like verifying the repair history, seeing if there are any dead pixels, and making sure the CD/DVD drive isn’t filled with peanut butter.”

Ask The Consumerist: How Do I Sell My Laptop On Ebay Without Getting Scammed?
“Three times in a row, Ebay has canceled the auctions and refunded his listings fees because… three times in a row the winning bid was placed by a “compromised” account…. What can Wil do so shysters aren’t so drawn to his laptop auctions?”

American Express Extended Warranty Protection Buys You A New Laptop
“David was able to get the full cost of his computer refunded to him without paying for an extended warranty.”

(Photos: thelastminute, Vox_Efx)

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