Savvy Cable Customer Know-How Roundup

Shopper Sinks Teeth into Cable Company
“Dave’s story is swift, proactive and in the end, he gets what he wants and needs out of his cable company: a functional product at an acceptable price. Of course, he has to, figuratively speaking, shove a fist in their love handles, rip out their gall bladder and eat it in front of them, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to get his DVR…”

Get Comcast Internet Without $50 Activation Fee
“…just connect it yourself and ask for the self-install kit.”

Cable Out? Ask For “Refund For The Day”
“Matt has Comcast and whenever service goes out he calls up, does a little bitching softshoe, and then asks for a refund for that day of service. Depending on your subscription plan, this could be anywhere from between $2 to $5.”

Threatening To Cancel Cable Can Get You Discounts
“…threatening to cancel your cable for another provider can sometimes unleash a shower of freebies and rebates as the company tries to get you to stay.”

Every Phone Number For Time Warner Cable Level 3 Tech Support
“Your Time Warner Cable is messing up. It can’t be fixed by merely turning the modem on and off. You’ve called technical support but they’re useless. You need Level 3 Tech support.”

(Photo: e-magic)

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