It's Extremely Frustrating To Buy Two Car Seats From Babies 'R Us

Poor Jenn, she just wants two car seats. She has twins, so she needs two car seats. Otherwise she’d have to leave one baby at home, and last time we checked you weren’t supposed to do that. From Jenn’s blog:

Here’s the steps I took to try to obtain these seats.

1) Looked in the store to buy the seats. Only available online.
2) Tried to get the twin discount online. Not available online.
3) Tried to use a $10 off coupon online. Not available online.
4) Cashed in Club Mom points to get BRU gift cards. They were out of $50 cards so I ended up having to get 8 $25 gift cards for a total of $200.
5) Got the gift cards in the mail, went online to buy the seats, found out they were “temporarily unavailable.” Asked them to send me an e-mail when it’s available.
6) Check a few days later even though I haven’t received an e-mail, available! Yay! Go to check out, only ONE is available.
7) Decide to buy one at BRU and get the other one somewhere else. Try to use Google checkout to save $10. Sign up with that only to realize you can’t use the giftcards with google checkout.

There are 15 steps, none of which result in two car seats in Jenn’s car. We are glad we do not have kids. —MEGHANN MARCO

I just want to buy some freaking car seats [Jenn’s Journal]
(Photo: AdamOndi)

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