How To Contact Menu Foods Executives, Makers Of Rat-Poisoned Pet Food

If you would like to let Menu Foods know what you think about them selling pet food laced with rat poison, here’s their executive contact info:

1) To reach Paul Henderson (pictured), President & CEO of Menu Foods GenPar Limited, call (905) 826-3870
2) Press 0 when the recording picks up.
3) Leave a short message
4) Press #.
5) Press # again when prompted.
6) Then press # to use the directory.
7) Type in “henderson” with the alphanumeric pad.
8) Press #.
9) You are then taken straight to the man.

This at least worked for us after-hours, results may vary during the day. You can use this method to reach the other executives, like:

Robert W. Luba, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Administration Board (
Mark A. Wiens, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary of Administrator (
Randall C. Copeland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Administrator (
William F. Grant, Executive Vice President – Corporate Purchasing & Logistics of Administrator (
Christopher J. Mifflin, Executive Vice President – Operations of Administrator (
Richard G. Shields, Executive Vice President – Technical Services of Administrator (
Serge Darkazanli, President and Chief Executive Officer (,

Menu Foods Income Fund
8 Falconer Drive
Streetsville, ON
Canada L5N 1B1
Fax: 905.826.4995

We made this post at the request of Darla and Dave, whose dog Sissy died after eating the deadly dog food.

“We only want Menu Food to be responsible for the vet bills, cremation, cost of the dog. We do not want to get rich off this. Just be compensated for our beloved dog,” the couple wrote The Consumerist. — BEN POPKEN

[email info via For The Love Of Dog Blog]

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