How To Contact Menu Foods Executives, Makers Of Rat-Poisoned Pet Food

If you would like to let Menu Foods know what you think about them selling pet food laced with rat poison, here’s their executive contact info:

1) To reach Paul Henderson (pictured), President & CEO of Menu Foods GenPar Limited, call (905) 826-3870
2) Press 0 when the recording picks up.
3) Leave a short message
4) Press #.
5) Press # again when prompted.
6) Then press # to use the directory.
7) Type in “henderson” with the alphanumeric pad.
8) Press #.
9) You are then taken straight to the man.

This at least worked for us after-hours, results may vary during the day. You can use this method to reach the other executives, like:

Robert W. Luba, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Administration Board (
Mark A. Wiens, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary of Administrator (
Randall C. Copeland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Administrator (
William F. Grant, Executive Vice President – Corporate Purchasing & Logistics of Administrator (
Christopher J. Mifflin, Executive Vice President – Operations of Administrator (
Richard G. Shields, Executive Vice President – Technical Services of Administrator (
Serge Darkazanli, President and Chief Executive Officer (,

Menu Foods Income Fund
8 Falconer Drive
Streetsville, ON
Canada L5N 1B1
Fax: 905.826.4995

We made this post at the request of Darla and Dave, whose dog Sissy died after eating the deadly dog food.

“We only want Menu Food to be responsible for the vet bills, cremation, cost of the dog. We do not want to get rich off this. Just be compensated for our beloved dog,” the couple wrote The Consumerist. — BEN POPKEN

[email info via For The Love Of Dog Blog]


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  1. thejbs says:

    paul looks like he jus took a bite of his product

  2. ptkdude says:

    Here’s something that bothers me about the whole situation. They’ve traced the problem back to wheat that was tainted with a rat poison that is illegal in the United States. The wheat in question was imported from China.

    Why the hell are we importing wheat from China? The United States is one of the largest producers of wheat on the planet. In fact, we’re the third largest producer of wheat (behind China and India).

    I know that Menu Foods is based in Canada, but all but one of their manufacturing plants is in the United States. The other is in Canada (Canada is #7 in wheat production).

  3. Menu foods has agreed to pay pet owners for vet expenses incurred due to the tainted food. The toll-free number to call is 1-866-895-2708.

  4. velocipenguin says:


    If I recall correctly, doesn’t the US government issue subsidies to wheat farmers in order to control supply? There should be absolutely no reason for a domestic manufacturing operation to need to import wheat. Hell, the United States sold wheat to the Soviets during the Cold War – you’d expect American wheat farmers to be even more willing to sell their products to pet food manufacturers. Something is fishy here.

  5. davere says:

    @thejbs: He looks like Dick Chaney with hair.

  6. QuirkyRachel says:

    hey, any chance of getting this kind of contact info for Comcast executives? I’d love to talk to them…

  7. Trai_Dep says:

    I think I’ll put my (thankfully healthy) cat’s mouth to the phone receiver, then stomp on its tail. Hopefully the blood-curdling howl of surprised feline rage will communicate how I feel.

  8. Jillsy says:


    It wasn’t whole wheat or wheat flour, but wheat gluten, a processed wheat product consisting of just the wheat protein. I believe there are just a handful of large processors in the US who sell gluten in quantity – maybe Chinese gluten processors do it cheaper. They do seem to use cheap and inappropriate pest control methods.

  9. jgodsey says:

    isn’t anyone putting together a class action suit?
    seems this is buzzards circling kinda weather.

  10. jerkasaurus says:


    I called this number and was told the Iams/Eukanuba customers have a different number to call: (800) 882-1591. The Iams person asked for a bunch of information (name, address, the food my cat ate, date of my first vet visit, vet’s name and number, etc.), including blood test results, which I don’t have with me at the office. My case is supposed to be sent to the “escalation team,” who will supposedly get back to me shortly and ask for the blood test info.

    I’m really hoping to get reimbursed for my expenses; I’ve spent about $800 so far and still have yet another follow up blood test ($70 a pop) to schedule for a couple of weeks. My cat’s most recent blood test came up normal, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods just yet.

  11. Trai_Dep says:

    I wonder if the companies that insure pets will sic their lawyers on Menu Choice, after they get the bills for the thousands of pets affected. Seems likely. One of the few times I’m glad that insurance companies exist.

  12. alfheim says:

    As a warning to pet owners who may be considering taking Menu Foods up on their offer to pay vet expenses:

    I’m fairly positive that if Menu Foods pays a pet owner’s vet expenses then that pet owner will be waiving his rights to later be a member of any class action that comes about as a result of the tainted food. Before they pay up, Menu Foods will require the pet owner to sign a release absolving MF of liability. If you’re of a litigious disposition (or just really legitimately angry), be wary of this generous offer from Menu Foods.

  13. Jamez1957 says:

    Dear People:
    After reading about the contaminated pet food and
    the tragic stories told by pet owners I did some
    looking around and I would like to tell you what I found.
    Everyone at one time or another has been bitten
    by a dog or cat. Last week, my sister`s little dog gave
    me a nip and I jumped(she laughed). It’s
    no big deal where we live. But, if you live in China,
    get bitten by a dog, you could become one of the 200
    people that die every month from rabies.
    It seems the Chinese have been breeding dogs and cats for a
    long time for their skins. I guess they make fur hats
    or something that they sell and export and the dog
    population is out of control in excess of a 150 million dogs.
    And so rabies has proliferated to the point where 80%
    of all world human rabies cases occurs in China.
    Last summer the authorities started a campaign to
    kill all dogs, usually by clubbing them to death even
    in front of their owners.
    Now maybe someone got a little tired of swinging clubs
    and opted for a more efficient approach to the culling
    of the dogs.
    The pet food poison.
    I hear a lot about melamine, but after reading the MSDS
    sheet on melamine it looks like it is not anything more
    than an irritant and carcinogen. It certainly does not
    block an enzyme necessary for protein synthesis upon
    which kidney function depends but Aminopterin(the rat
    poison)does.(It used to be used as a chemo
    drug but was discontinued because it was too toxic.)
    The 2008 Summer Olympics will be held in Bejing China.
    If people find out about the rabies epidemic they
    might think twice about attending, investors might think
    twice about investing in a would-be profittable venue.
    I`m not aware of how Menu Foods got the poisoned wheat
    gluten – maybe it was thought to be a very economic
    purchase or the supplier was having a going-out-of-business
    sale or you got our gluten we got yours by mistake.
    My heart goes out to the owners of the pets that
    are sick and dying. The only thing sicker is that
    when the slime and destruction is finally scraped away,
    there`s the dollar.

  14. meesha55 says:


    I live in Canada, and it is heartwrenching to see such malice and intent. Why do I say this, because the CEO of Menu Foods, before doing the recall, had cashed in most of his stocks and bonds before doing the recall. He has no care in the world for the pain and suffering that families have gone through, after loosing a pet.
    The company should be put out of business, so they can do no more harm. Their still making food, and the stores are now stocking their shelves with new food. How do we know this will not happen again. I hate having to look, and double check ingredients on bags. I am lucky, I am blessed with 2 dogs, that have not been affected by this recall. We all need to somehow stick together, and not buy any of their products what so ever. They need to feel it where it hurts. Pets have a right to live, and we need to be their speakers for them. I hope that we can succeed to do something for our pets.

  15. meesha55 says:


    Hi you said a few things, that I did not think about. Menu Foods bought the wheat gluten from China apparently because they were trying to cut costs. How nice to cut costs with the lives of our pets. They need to be boycotted, and then they don’t need to worry about cutting costs again. Thank you, your comments has given me and others something to think about.

  16. meesha55 says:


    Anyone that has lost a pet, would be crazy to contact Menu foods for money. They will not get money for pain and suffering. They need to contact one of the lawyers, in Canada to be able to fulfill that need. The lawyers in the States cannot sue for pain and suffering from the loss of a pet. In the States, pets are considered as something that is a possession, and nothing more.
    Go to the Menu food website, they have the lists of all the lawyers, in Canada and the States that are doing class action suits