Coming Soon: Wrinkle-Reducing Coke

Coke and L’Or

al (yes, that L’Or

al) are partnering to offer a new “beauty drink,” that will be sold at venues such as Saks Fifth Avenue. From BrandWeek:

Currently called Luma

, the nutraceutical drink was trademarked as a tea-based ready-to-drink beverage by Coca-Cola’s Beverage Partners Worldwide division. The drink, which is still in the early stages of development, is expected to contain ingredients that will help women care for their skin, per a source.


is expected to target active, influential, image-conscious women over the age of 25 who embrace health and wellness. Coke is interested in marketing and distributing Luma

like a beauty brand instead of a soft drink. Early plans call for distribution in Saks Fifth Avenue (instead of Coke’s usual venues, like 7-Eleven).

Tea-based nutraceutical? Have we chopped off the head of Enviga only to have Luma

‘s grow back? Either way, we don’t need to buy our tea-based drinks at Saks.—MEGHANN MARCO

Coke And L’Oreal Partner On New Health Beverage [BrandWeek]
(Photo: Welvis Tarn)

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