Geek Squad CEO Promises To Resolve Any Consumerist Reader Complaint He Receives, And Then Does So

We want to give Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, a giant hug. Squeeeeeeezeeee!

Recently, Robert reached out to us and said we could forward any and all Geek Squad or Best Buy complaints to him. He pledged to personally intervene and get them resolved.

Every single one that we’ve heard back on, Stephens has done exactly that.

We doff our fedora to you, Robert.

If you have a longstanding and unresolved Geek Squad or Best Buy complaint, you too can achieve this same high level of attention by emailing info@geeksquad.comUPDATE 5/30/07: the email address is now – with the subject line, “For Robert.” Don’t be put off by the info@, we’ve seen the correspondence and the emails do reach him.

Now, if he can just find some way to instill this same level of customer care to his grunts. Maybe that’s what the giant laser he keeps talking about putting atop the Geek Squad HQ headquarters is for. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE 8/27/07 – Readers are reporting that Geek Squad doesn’t seem to be monitoring or acting on these complaint lines anymore.

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