Most Expensive Items on, by Category

Rich Lafferty, clearly a man with as much talent as he has time, decided it was his civic duty to determine the most expensive item in each and every category.

Some favorites:

Music: Luminous Arc: Music from the game, $6,442.99. The soundtrack to a Nintendo DS game that’s going to be released later this year.

Magazines: Comprehensive Data Base of US Chemical Patents. 12 months for $71,722.

Toys: A city-park-size playground system for $32,229.59.

Automotive: A JIC EK2D1-TI res Spartan DE Type 1 TI Exhaust System for a 2dr 1996-2000 Honda Civic for… $891,480. I don’t understand either. #2 is an actual physical auto parts store for sale for $750,000.

But the most ridiculous item, bar none, has to be a pewter number nine, with screws, for the exterior of your house. The price: $254,623.00, sold by the Ace Hardware Outlet.

Luckily it’s in stock! MARK ASHLEY

The most expensive things at Amazon [{richtext}]
(Photo: AMagill)

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