Most Expensive Items on, by Category

Rich Lafferty, clearly a man with as much talent as he has time, decided it was his civic duty to determine the most expensive item in each and every category.

Some favorites:

Music: Luminous Arc: Music from the game, $6,442.99. The soundtrack to a Nintendo DS game that’s going to be released later this year.

Magazines: Comprehensive Data Base of US Chemical Patents. 12 months for $71,722.

Toys: A city-park-size playground system for $32,229.59.

Automotive: A JIC EK2D1-TI res Spartan DE Type 1 TI Exhaust System for a 2dr 1996-2000 Honda Civic for… $891,480. I don’t understand either. #2 is an actual physical auto parts store for sale for $750,000.

But the most ridiculous item, bar none, has to be a pewter number nine, with screws, for the exterior of your house. The price: $254,623.00, sold by the Ace Hardware Outlet.

Luckily it’s in stock! MARK ASHLEY

The most expensive things at Amazon [{richtext}]
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  1. RandomHookup says:

    That pewter #9 isn’t that great a deal when you can get a refurbished one on the same site for less than $1500.

  2. Deusfaux says:

    Ummm, on what basis did he determine these items were the most expensive? Because they’re not in most cases I checked.

    Search by catergory with no search terms, arrange by price…. there are many many other items both with and without bids far above his quoted “highest”.

  3. LAGirl says:

    oh, you naughty Consumerists! i know since this was posted here, you’ve gone over to Amazon to cause trouble.

    i present Exhibit A (pewter number nine):

    “I live at 999 Westinghouse Lane, and would have just bought 3 6s, and turned them upside down… but then I realized that I would STILL have the upside down mark of the beast.

    So an item that should have cost $15 each, ended up costing me close to a million dollars.

    A small price to pay to prevent my house from being possessed by Satan.”

    and Exhibit B:

    “I live at #105, so my number 9 has proven of no utility whatsoever. I can’t believe I sold my three children for this.”

  4. juri squared says:

    Good thing my house number has no 9s in it!

  5. Hexum2600 says:

    I live at address 7999…. *gulp*

  6. Don Roberto says:

    The skin care under grociers points to the chocolate? Well, anyway, there’s more expensive stuff out there: La Mer around $1200 for 16 ozs, and La Praire which is a bit more than La Mer.

  7. faust1200 says:

    I don’t know why everybody is making fun. It IS the highest single digit. Think about it ….6…7…8…9… Where you gonna go??

  8. mendel says:

    Deusfaux: Mostly, I ignored things that were obvious data entry errors or test items (except the exhaust, I couldn’t pass that one over), or things that were only available from their program where you can buy used things from individuals, and I skipped the “not currently available” items that sort high but don’t actually provide a price. Other than that it was just a case of searching each category and ordering by price.

    (But I’m confused about your mention of “bids” — Amazon, not eBay, right?)

  9. comedian says:

    I guess it’s time again to update my several year old list of The Most Expensive Things I Could Find on Amazon.

    I started the list around 4 years ago, changing the listings as various items go in and out of stock.

    I used to always list the biggest single loose diamond on the amazon jewelry section, but it inevitably would go out of stock within 2 weeks.

    I always wondered if the various multi-hundred-thousand dollar diamonds were sold to real retail customers or if they were merely put back into distribution.

  10. kgazette says:

    Hahaha, the product reviews on that house number are the best!

  11. mackjaz says:

    I’m gonna buy one at the local hardware store, then dummy the receipt and return it to No- Wait – I’m gonna buy 1000 of them and do that, and I will rule the world!!!

  12. Reywood says:

    I was suprised, at first, to see that the JL421 Badonkadonk didn’t make the list. I soon realized, however, that it was a bargain compared to that sweet number nine.

  13. kweee says:

    In for one!

    Er, wait. Crap, this isn’t the Fatwallet Hot Deals forum. What did you just make me buy???

  14. bpotterr says:

    I kind of want the “Goddard Replica” selling for $9,999,999. That sounds like a lot, but when you consider the fact that you’re saving $2,000,000 (17%), it’s a steal! Of course at $0.50 per pound, shipping will cost you $11 trillion.

  15. LonePhantom says:

    But lo! the item is no longer available from Ace? Could it be that some poor fool purchased the rare 9? Good thing there are still two left for just $1000. They must be in crappy shape…

  16. hop says:

    i would like to have sole ownership to the #9…almost everything bought in this country ends with the number nine….ie $59.99, $199.99
    gasoline $2.50 and 9/10…… nine would be a good number to own………

  17. snowferret says: