Update: H&R Block In SecondLife To Push Its Online Tax Prep Service, "Tango"

Peter Klaus, with Fleishman-Hillard Digital, apparently worked with H&R Block on its SecondLife branch I blogged about yesterday morning. According to Klaus, the SecondLife version of H&R Block gives pretty good deals on services (for whatever those are worth), plus tax advisors available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give free advice.

Are there really that many people dying to get business done in SecondLife? This isn’t the first business that has tried setting up there.

Paul’s e-mail and a couple more screengrabs after the jump.

Hi Sam,

I saw your post on Consumerist about H&R Block Island in Second Life. My name is Peter Klaus. I worked with H&R Block to develop their H&R Block presence. I work with the folks over at The Money Blog Network (including All Financial Matters) regularly and saw your post. I’ve attached some screenshots per your post and the official press release.

The real world value points of H&R Block Island for consumers?

1.) H&R Block’s newest online tax prep service, Tango, costs $70 in the real world and sells as part of a product bundle in Second Life for $L100 (Linden dollars). That’s well under .50 cents at current SL exchange rates: http://secondlife.com/whatis/economy-market.php

2.) H&R Block has tax advisors in world on Tuesday and Thursdays to give 100% free advice to those seeking it. This means no need to wait on congested 800 number help lines etc.

Thanks for the post! Let me know if you have any other questions.


p.s. Very cute avatar in the post! đŸ˜‰




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