UPDATE: Applebee's Is Sorry About Huge Insect Leg In Salad

Remember that huge grasshopper-ish insect leg that Reader Stacie pulled out of her mouth while eating an Applebee’s Apple Walnut Chicken Salad? After her story was posted to the Consumerist, Stacie was contacted by Applebee’s and finally got the apology that she wanted.

Read her email inside.

Hi Meg-

I wanted to let you know that thanks to The Consumerist, I did receive a call Friday from the district manager affiliated with the Applebee’s that I purchased my insect leg salad from (she mentioned she saw it on the internet).

Ms. Goodwin was very apologetic and reassured me that they have added some new “quality control” processes to hopefully reduce significantly the probability that anyone else gets an insect leg in their salad. She gave me the details on how it happened and what is happening now:

Salads purchased by Applebees come in pre-packaged, vacuum-sealed bags. The contents are washed by their supplier five times, then sealed and distributed to the restaurants. From what I understand, in the past, contents were taken from the bags and distributed on to plates for the salads. Now, and going forward they will be emptying the contents into bins to double check the contents prior to placing on the plates.

Ms. Goodwin has asked if she could bring lunch into my office, since there is no process in place to refund our money. I am hesitant myself, but am going to check with my co-workers to see what they would like to do since a number of others in my office also threw their food once they saw what I had in mine.

I would like to extend a thank you to you and The Consumerist for posting my concern, which again was more about why it happened in the first place and how Applebee’s failed to follow-up after vs. the having leg itself in my mouth. Although it took about a week and a half, I did receive what I believe was an explanation of why it happened and an appropriate apology from Applebee’s District Manager, Ms. Goodwin, and she is working to gain back the trust and business from my co-workers and me.

Thanks for looking out for all of us!

Thanks for following up, Stacie. We’re glad that Applebee’s is going to take steps to weed out the bug legs! (At least the really, really large ones… ) —MEGHANN MARCO

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