This Is Why Costco Revoked Their Super Nice Return Policy

This picture shows why Costco changed their really nice return policy recently: because of jerkwads abusing it. Here’s the IM conversation we had with a Costco employee who processed this return.

mrbox: so Im here at work and this guy tries to return a phone
mrbox: from a year and a half ago
mrbox: like you can see all he brought was the box and accessories
mrbox: this is why they took the policy away
benpopken: What did you tell him?
mrbox: well
mrbox: he was like “I lost the phone, Costco’s return Policy should cover everything.”
mrbox: I of course denied him the return, he got really upset, left, came back about 20min ago with the phone and said he found it
benpopken: Where did he “find” it?
mrbox: said at home.
benpopken: did you process his return after that?
mrbox: had to
mrbox: yeah


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