Verizon Is Only Friendly Until You Buy Something

Reader David sends us a heads up about a blog entry that nicely sums up Verizon’s consistently awful customer service.

Did anything outrageously horrible happen to this company when they tried to order a phone line? No. Were the Verizon people so incapable of doing their jobs that even a simple problem (“Hey, you forgot our voicemail!”) became an epic battle for truth justice and the American way? Yes. Is this at all unusual? No. From ParagraphNY:

Even the best of them will be reduced to a screaming idiot after spending three days trying to get through to Verizon representatives. And after three days of soul searching, we still cannot fathom why a business line ordered with voicemail came without voicemail and why it took the phone company 72 hours, 82 representatives, and three escalations to correct their mistake.

We make our first phone call to Verizon on Monday at 6:00p.

We get through to an operator on Monday at 6:30p.

The operator informs us that she is in California, everyone in New York has gone home and she has no way of giving us the access number for voicemail or helping us further. Because she’s in California. And this should make perfect sense to us.

Paragraph has managed to sum up, in one blog post, everything that is wrong with Verizon. We even like the title: “Why Verizon Deserves to Die a Slow, Painful Death.” —MEGHANN MARCO

Why Verizon Deserves to Die a Slow, Painful Death [Paragraph]
(Photo: The Consumerist)

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