UPDATE: Delta Finally Refunds Man Who Tracked Down And Got Prosecuted Baggage Handler Who Stole His Camera

Remember our reader, Charles, who got his camera stolen by a Delta baggage handler? And how Charles found the camera on eBay and got the guy tracked down, fired, and arrested? And how Delta didn’t give a shit and wasn’t going to refund Charles any money? After we ran his story, the fine folks at the PeterGreenberg radio show stepped in, and Delta agreed to reimburse Charles for the full cost of his original flight. Here’s what they said:

Because of the circumstances surrounding Mr. M’s situation and subsequent actions taken toward employees involved, Delta unfortunately lost contact with him.

However, we look forward to not only offering our apology, but also reimbursement for his lost property.

It is true that, according to our policy, Delta does not offer reimbursement for lost or stolen camera equipment.

However, a key component of good customer service is recognizing exceptions to a rule and handling those cases accordingly. The employee who originally handled this issue is no longer a member of Delta’s customer care team.

Mr. M, we regret this inconvenience and look forward to working with you toward a resolution — which we hope will win you over as a Delta customer for life.”

Betsy (Delta Representative)

It’s great that Charles got his money back, but this is bullshit. The problem wasn’t that Charles misplaced his camera, it was that Delta employed someone who stole it. A “we don’t replace lost or stolen equipment” doesn’t apply when it’s your own employees stealing from your own customers. Secondly, how can Delta say they “lost contact” with Charles? He sent them letter after letter, several of which we posted. Lastly, and this is the biggest reason why this is bullshit, is that Delta only did this because the radio show got involved, not because they realized the error of their ways. Their tactic here was to placate and shut up before it became a bigger PR problem.

So that’s how you want to do it, corporate multinationals? It’s only when something looks like it’s going to damage you that you’ll do the right thing? No problem, we can play that game, with relish. — BEN POPKEN

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