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Refining 101: Summer Gasoline [The Oil Drum]
In the summer, when temperatures can exceed 100 degrees F in many locations, it is important that the RVP of gasoline is well below 14.7. Otherwise, it can pressure up your gas tanks and gas cans, and it can boil in open containers.

The Mystery of The Shamrock Shake [Gothamist]
“New York region no longer stocks the Shamrock Shake,” Jennifer Nagy of McDonald’s regional marketing told me. “Our branches can vote region by region,” and in New York City, the five boroughs and surrounding areas, they’re not voting green.

Subliminal Ads On The Brain [The Situationist]
the brain does register subliminal images even if a person is unaware they have seen them – although the images only had an impact when the brain had “spare capacity” in terms of attention.

RIAA vs Pandora [Pandora Blog]
Internet radio is hostage to a blatantly discriminatory double standard that was written into the federal statute governing webcasting several years ago, following an intensive lobbying effort by the RIAA.

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