Free Iced Coffee At Dunkin Donuts On Wednesday

This Wednesday, March 21st Dunkin’ Donuts will be having “Nationwide Free Iced Coffee Day” From their Press Release:

On Wednesday, March 21, the official first day of spring, Dunkin’ Donuts will host its first-ever all day, nationwide “Free Iced Coffee Day.”

For 24 hours on March 21, customers can visit any participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in the country and receive a free 16 oz. cup of Dunkin’ Donuts’ premium iced coffee, which is double-brewed to ensure full flavor with every cup.

We like our coffee hot, but whatever. Someone’s drinkin’ it. —MEGHANN MARCO

Dunkin’ Donuts Puts Winter “On Ice” by Heralding First Day of Spring With First-Ever Nationwide “Free Iced Coffee Day” [Dunkin’ Donuts]
(Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. zl9600 says:

    Dunkin Donuts is disgusting at any temperature, IMO. But whatever works!

  2. datruesurfer says:

    Lets hope that the weather is warmer than it is today, otherwise iced coffee would be awful.

  3. homerjay says:

    Finally an offer I can take advantage of. Sorry, zl9600- 80 million people disagree with you. (for the record- I made that number up…)

  4. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    They’re just responding to yesterday’s Starbuck’s “Free Coffee Day.” It’s not worth waiting in line for half an hour for a free $2.00 iced coffee.

    I wish Dunkin’ Donuts would stop billing everything as “premium.” At best, everything at DD is mediocre..and it seems really expensive for what you get. At least at Starbucks you get good coffee, some atmosphere and the illusion that you’re better than everyone else. DD makes me feel about as special as Wal-Mart.

    Just my opinion..YMMV.

  5. alicetheowl says:

    I haven’t lived near a Dunkin’ Donuts since I moved to WNC. I miss it. :(

  6. zl9600 says:

    You might be right about those 80 million people. Fortunately where I live they are few and far between (Both DD and people). I’ll take Peets and even Starschmuck’s over DD any day, mostly because my feet don’t stick to the floor inside.

    Just my humble opinion. :)

  7. Falconfire says:

    @dwayne_dibbly: HA HAH HAHAHAHAH Starbucks? GOOD?

    Starbucks is the most overpriced cup of BAD coffee out there. They use much poorer grade beans and burn the living hell out of them to cover up the fact they use mostly robusta beans with some poor grade (and typically stale) arabican mixed in.

    While D&D I woudln’t consider “good” coffee, they at least use good grade beans that are typically roasted right, tending toward the lighter side which most people prefer. Funny enough McD ALSO now has decent coffee, though its really a store by store basis as I have had 3 decent cups and one sludge cup from them from various stores.

    But if you want REAL coffee, go hunt down your area’s indie coffee shop. They will have good beans, less than 2-3 days old, with properly calibrated machines, and a staff who actually KNOWS how to make coffee and not how to hit automatic.

    Still I would drink D&D before ever touching a Starbucks drink.

  8. thisiskspraydad says:

    Too bad Spring in the US this year is actually Mar 20th.

  9. etinterrapax says:

    That’d go awesomely with the eight inches of snow we just got.

  10. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @Falconfire: Well, like I said, YMMV. I personally don’t care for DD coffee and feel the same way about that as you do about Starbucks. Each to their own.

    I’ve had DD regular coffee, and I don’t find it any better than what I can make in my Mr. Coffee. Everybody seems to rave about it and although it’s certainly drinkable, I can’t figure out why anyone would get that excited over it.

    I’ve had Tim Horton’s too…eh..not really impressed with that either, although I like the Tim’s that I make at home better than what I get in a Tim’s shop.

    I’ve had McDonald’s “Newman’s Own” iced coffee, and I thought that was excellent.

  11. RaslDasl says:

    Dunkin iced coffee used to be truly wonderful. Sometime in the last two years just about every location got new machines that make crappy iced coffee and they simultaneously raised the price. Pity.

  12. gardencat says:

    They offer it on the first day of spring. But it’s still pretty cold here in the north…they could at least wait until the first day of summer before giving out this freebie?

  13. RandomHookup says:

    Expect at least one person in the Boston area to die from a caffeine overdose while trying to hit every DD in the area for a freebie.

  14. hop says:

    a dunkin’ dognuts took over the food court at the fruitland md. wal-mart…..ugh ugh ugh, and no senior discount …………

  15. spryte says:

    I haven’t had DD coffee in a long time, but I do still remember it as being scaldingly hot (my tongue has that burned feeling for about two days) brown coffee-flavored water. It was awful.

    Falconfire, I know a lot of people like you and you guys get old really fast. I will freely admit that at times I have had better coffee at an indie shop than at a given Starbucks on a given day, but for the most part (the vastly most part) Starbucks’ coffee is not the toxic acrid sludge you make it out to be. I know part of it is trend, but would the bajillions of people who go to Starbucks really go there day after day if the coffee was so awful? True, some of those people probably never get actual plain coffee, but many do, and many do know what a good cup of coffee tastes like.

    I bet if someone bought coffee from Starbucks and poured it into a cup from Alternative Indie Hippie Coffee Shop #72 and gave it to you, you’d never suspect it came from the big green monster.

    Anyway, whatever…I can’t even drink any kind of coffee anymore, damn acid reflux. When will these places do a “Free Tea Day”??