Smart Taxpayer Roundup

Still Missing A W-2? Call The IRS
“…here’s the step by step process for notifying the IRS when nicely phoning the office manager hasn’t worked.”

How To File A Federal Tax Extension
“…how to submit for a federal tax filing extension if you’re still waiting for some forms or you just don’t think you can get it together in time.”

Tax Panic: What to Do If You Can’t Pay
“…what to do if Uncle Sam comes calling and you’re too broke…”

How To File Taxes If You’re Self-Employed
“This moderately difficult tutorial walks the self-employed through the steps of filing taxes.”

10 Phat Tax Breaks
“CNN Money has got ten “secret” deductions to use this year. Yeah, that phone tax rebate that everyone won’t shut up about is there, but there’s also…”

The 13 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions
“1. State sales taxes….3. College tuition. 4. Student loan interest paid by mom and dad….”

Claim The Home Office Deduction
“This assumes that you first, have a dedicated home office. Sitting with a laptop on a couch doesn’t qualify. It needs to be a designated area. Having a separate room is best.”

Avoid Tax Refund Anticipation Loans
“New figures reveal that RALs drained about $960 million in loan fees, plus over $100 million in other fees, from the wallets of nearly 9.6 million American taxpayers in 2005.”

IRS Free File Open Now
“e-File your federal taxes for free with Free File from the IRS.”

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