Morning Deals

Starbucks: free 12oz cup today at any store from 10am-Noon.

Woot: Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones for $39.99

Meritline: Nintendo Wii Component Cable for $8.99

Highlights From Bargainist 50% off select iPod accessories
Office Depot: Up to $400 off notebooks & buy 1, get 1 50% off accessories
Zappos: Clearance savings of up to 85% + free overnight shipping All we can see now are these at 10% off. What’s the deal, Zappos??

Highlights From Dealhack USB VoIP Phone with LCD & Speakerphone Free after Rebate
Dell Home: Dell W3202MH 32-inch WS LCD HDTV $799 Shipped
Musician’s Friend: E-MU Xboard 25 USB/MIDI Controller for $100


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  1. Falconfire says:

    WOW Starbucks version of last weeks McD’s free coffee day sucks… McD least let you have a free cup all day, Starbucks is only available for 2 hours!

  2. daberkman says:

    The zappos deal is non-existent. There’s no link as far as I can find. The same thing happened last time.

  3. mopar_man says:


    I was looking for that yesterday too and couldn’t find anything for 85% off.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    And in the Greater Boston area, Starbucks is going to do the freebie thing until 4 pm.

  5. Mogbert says:

    Well, lets see how well this works. I’ve never done one of these “Morning Deals” before and I have never heard of “Meritline.”
    But at check out, my bottom line was $8.99, and they claimed to still have it in stock.
    Only thing I’m worried about is their free shipping. They give it to FedEx, who runs it to USPS, and USPS is supposed to drop it off at our house (I think that is how they said it worked, they used the words “bulk” somewhere).

    Wish me luck.

  6. pestie says:

    @RandomHookup: Sure, but it’ll cost you $35 in parking for that free coffee.

  7. madktdisease says:

    same here for zappos. free shipping, yeah, but the only “sales” were 10% off $100 shoes. yeah. no thanks, amazon is cheaper.

  8. juri squared says:

    Aw, Zappos. Don’t be such a tease.

    I love them because they almost always upgrade your shipping for free… I got a pair of shoes, discovered they were the wrong size, and within a week I had a new pair, no problem, no shipping fees on either pair of shoes or on the return. It was a refreshing change.