Free Stuff: Watch The First 2 Episodes of "The Tudors" Online

Reader ElGuapo writes:

Just got a pre-recorded phone message from DirecTV saying I can watch the first two episodes of The Tudors online for free by going to and then using the password “king”
Don’t know if that’s consumer worthy or if Showtime is intending on it being picked up by blogs like consumerist. Either way, it’s kinda neat.

Yeah, it’s a marketing ploy. However, it’s neat and free. Who are we to judge?—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. pestie says:

    All movies and TV shows are free on the internet. Heh…

  2. SlappyPappy says:

    Funny. I just called up DirecTV and told them that I didn’t appreciate this type of unsolicited advertising.

  3. katana says:

    Who are we to judge? Who are we to judge?! You’re the friggin’ Consumerist!

    I suppose its “neat” in a horrible tv-show sort of way. But do please give us updates on other unsolicited advertising that happens to land in the inbox. Any viagra or paxel deals lately?

  4. mconfoy says:

    Well I appreciate it. I have Dish!

  5. Jess A. says:

    As a reader who doesn’t have cable, but who was curious about this series, I appreciate the heads up.

  6. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    I’m a sucker for these Masterpiece Theatre-y type series, and don’t have Showtime. A chance to preview a few episodes might make me a customer of the service. I, too, appreciate the notice.

  7. Elaine Chow says:

    Plus, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is super hot. Put him in one of those puffy, falling off the shoulder, medieval shirts and I might just die.