RIAA Sues Stroke Victim Who Didn't Even Live In the Correct State

The RIAA is suing John Paladuk, a stroke victim on disability who lived in Florida during the time period he was supposed to have been in Michigan infringing copyright. From Recording Industry vs The People:

Although the defendant John Paladuk, an employee of C&N Railroad for 36 years, was living in Florida at the time of the alleged copyright infringement, and had notified the RIAA that he had not engaged in any copyright infringement, and despite that the fact that Mr. Paladuk suffered a stroke last year which resulted in complete paralysis of his entire left side and severely impaired speech, rendering him disabled, and despite the fact that his disability check is his sole source of income, the RIAA commenced suit against him on February 27, 2007.


RIAA Sues Stroke Victim in Michigan
[Recording Industry vs The People via BoingBoing]


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  1. r81984 says:

    The RIAA is destroying their credibility. Its situations like this that will allow a lawyer to get you off.

    When you show that the RIAA is going after people who have 100% proof they did nothing wrong, then there will always be reasonable doubt about anyone they go after. Its so obvious they are just extorting people.

  2. mattshu says:

    THE RIAA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Havok154 says:

    It really makes you wonder how long it will be before someone’s going to step up and actually try to put an end to this. Hopefully at some point the RIAA may actually help to have laws passed that make frivolous lawsuits much harder to get filed and have penalties for them.

  4. timmus says:

    What the hell… why is no one pressing for action to shut the RIAA down? Hello??

  5. Get him, RIAA! How paralyzed can he be if he can teleport between Michigan and Florida!

  6. markymags says:

    What’s next? Going after deceased people? Oh wait, they’ve done that already…

  7. B says:

    Unless it turns out that Exxon caused the stroke, I feel better about my choice of RIAA is the more evil of the two.

  8. bravo369 says:

    The problem is that the RIAA can look at this and dismiss their claim and there is no further action. What needs to happen is for this guy to turn around and sue the RIAA back for frivolous and unjustified prosecution along with emotional stress. The court would rule in his favor because the RIAA has no real proof and this in turn will create a precedent for everyone else to sue the RIAA.

  9. Ikki says:

    Is this asinine? Yes.

    Am I surprised something to this degree is perpetuated by the RIAA? No.

    Most people have the power to at least download some sort of music (forming a basis for copyright infringement) and later lie about it, claiming that tehy don’t know how to do it, or that the music they have isn’t controlled by the RIAA, etc (in other words, something relatively common and believable). However, this guy has PURE proof that he couldn’t have downloaded jack squat at the date and time that they claim. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out; maybe the court will finally rule something that severely damages the RIAA (other then their already tattered reputation).

  10. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    This just adds to the many stories that prove the RIAA are evil. Sadly, their actions will continue until they decide to sue the wrong person. And by wrong person, I mean a person that has close connections to a person with political power. Seems like that’s the only way laws get changed or enacted these days.

  11. Amsterdaam says:

    @Ted’s Famous Kickin Chicken

    Thanks for making the people in my office look at me funny for laughing at your post.

    What a jerk.

  12. Youthier says:

    @r81984: How on earth is it a good idea to sue a stroke victim living in another state? One of the RIAA lawyers must have a relative working at the Embassy Suites.

  13. @missbrooke06: Did you mean to reply to r81984?

    I think the RIAA is just throwing darts at a map to decide who to sue next.

  14. mantari says:

    Why on Earth does The Consumerist still call them by the name they want to be called by, the RIAA? If Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Apple formed a trade group to perform highly negative PR acts… would you keep on blaming the trade group, and not the people behind it?

    Get with it, Consumerist! Call the recording industry for what they really are. Bad PR means nothing to the RIAA. They exist to absorb negative goodwill. In fact, it helps them.

    But not the people behind them.

  15. crayonshinobi says:

    @mantari: Wow…that is very insightful…I like! Maybe e nice expose on the names behind the RIAA…

  16. Sheik says:

    Question: Has the RIAA ever been rightly justified in suing one of their supposed pirates? Seems like every time the sue some one they are either underage, disabled, or dead.

  17. Havok154 says:

    The RIAA members…IE: “The Music Industry”


  18. jamier says:

    MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL and the SPECIAL OLYMPICS?! I knew they were behind this…

  19. itmustbeken says:

    I think it’s about time we change our tactics and start asking the artists what they think of these draconian tactics?

    Ultimately, the labels are looking out for their best interests (sic). If we place some heat on the artists everytime they are out flogging their music, maybe one of them will place a few phone calls and call the wolves off.

    It’s time to ask Bono, everytime that he is out promoting RED or Gwen Stephani at another fashion show, what they think about the RIAA suing handicapped people on his behalf.

  20. Youthier says:

    Rectilinear Propagation: Yes, I did mean to reply to r81984 but I meant it to read completely different than it did. I’m slightly dumb today.

  21. brkl says:

    Hey, it’s the free market. It’s best for everyone to let corporations bully people to their hearts’ extent.

  22. Mr. Gunn says:

    Well, “We the People” are allowing our government to lie to us about the Patriot Act, lie to us about secret prisons, lie to us about the severity of the conflict in Iraq, and lie to us about the various forms of political retribution they’ve undertaken via Gonzalez and Cheney/Libby.

    Why shouldn’t we continue to let the RIAA get its way through lies and bullying tactics?

    /wearing a double pair today, bring it

  23. jitrobug says:

    I think everyone should email some of the smaller companies on that list.

    Ask them for an opinion about the lawsuits, if they support them, that kind of thing.

    Let them know that you’re going to boycott them until they stop the strange and abusive lawsuits.

    I suggest Rhino as a good start.