RIAA Sues Stroke Victim Who Didn't Even Live In the Correct State

The RIAA is suing John Paladuk, a stroke victim on disability who lived in Florida during the time period he was supposed to have been in Michigan infringing copyright. From Recording Industry vs The People:

Although the defendant John Paladuk, an employee of C&N Railroad for 36 years, was living in Florida at the time of the alleged copyright infringement, and had notified the RIAA that he had not engaged in any copyright infringement, and despite that the fact that Mr. Paladuk suffered a stroke last year which resulted in complete paralysis of his entire left side and severely impaired speech, rendering him disabled, and despite the fact that his disability check is his sole source of income, the RIAA commenced suit against him on February 27, 2007.


RIAA Sues Stroke Victim in Michigan
[Recording Industry vs The People via BoingBoing]

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