Farecast Deals Searches For Cheap Airline Tickets Using 'Science'

We like Farecast. The first time we ever used it we got a non-stop flight home to Chicago on Thanksgiving weekend for $119. That was nice. Now Farecast has a “deals” section where they use their fare prediction “science” to find the best deals. It’s nifty because compares the “deal” with the average fare. From Farecast’s Blog:

How are our deals different than thousands of other travel sites? They’re different because our deals are based on science, not marketing. We apply science to airfare deals in two ways, 1) why it’s a deal and 2) why you should buy now.

These are the questions we find ourselves asking, and now we don’t have to. Very cool. —MEGHANN MARCO

Farecast Deals[via FarecastBlog]

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