NYC Health Department Closes 'Hip' Union Square 'Coffee Shop'

Hiring cute wannabe actors and models won’t save your from the NYC Health Department now that they’ve enacted a new policy of actually doing their jobs. The well-known diner was closed last week for code violations. From the NewYork Sun:

Yesterday, would-be Coffee Shop diners were shocked to see their neighborhood hotspot shuttered. “I wasn’t surprised about Taco Bell, but this?” a regular patron, Ursula Pilter, 34, said. “It’s such a hip place. I just can’t believe it.”

Oh, no! Not ‘hip’ restaurants! You mean rats don’t know they’re not cool enough to hang out at the Coffee Shop? —MEGHANN MARCO

Hip’ Eatery Is Latest Closure After Rat Scandal [NY Sun]
(Photo: ViciousV)

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