WaMu Screws Customer Stranded Overseas After Credit Cards Stolen

Marty was stranded in Greece after his credit cards got stolen on the metro. He called WaMu to cancel his cards and then when he tried to confirm they were closed, he got transferred from department to department. In the meantime, thieves continued to run his bill up to $5800. Marty’s cellphone minutes continued to drain. No one could help him because the Consumer Lending Department “was closed over the weekend.” WaMu must believe that identity theft is only committed during the weekday.

Marty, pictured above while traveling with his family in Egypt, made a recording of his horrible customer service experience that you can listen to here. Listen to what a sarcastic unhelpful punk the supervisor is. Somehow he’s completely incapable of leaving anyone in the company a message on an answering machine to help this guy out. What a toolbag.

In comparison, when Marty called US Banks to cancel his cards with them stolen in the same batch, the whole thing was wrapped up in 5 minutes.

Despite commercial touting its customer service and personal relationships, Washington Mutual doesn’t give a damn about helping its customers when they need it.

Washington Mutual Complaint [Journey to Ancient Civilizations] (Thanks to Dustin!)

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