ID Stolen? Get an ID Theft Passport

Several states have started programs, often called “ID Theft Passport” programs, to help victims of ID Theft regain control over their information and establish their innocence of any crimes that may have been committed under their ID.

Under many ID Theft Passport programs, victims will be given a card that they can show to law enforcement, establishing that they have been a victim of ID theft and are the “really real Paris Hilton.” From the Ohio State’s Attorney’s Office:

Under the PASSPORT program, victims reporting identity theft to local authorities will be given step-by-step information about how to alert creditors to fraudulent activity in their names, and simple, fill-in-the-blank affidavits to send to credit bureaus and creditors. The cornerstone of PASSPORT is the card victims can show to creditors and law enforcement personnel establishing that they have been the victimized.

If you’ve been the victim of ID Theft, getting an ID Theft Passport is an important first step. Check with your state’s attorney general’s office and ask if they offer the program. Many states offer some sort of ID Theft program including (but not limited to) Ohio, Virginia, Montana, Arkansas, Nevada, and Texas (PDF). If your state doesn’t offer an ID Theft program, write to your representative and ask for it! —MEGHANN MARCO
(Photo: CarbonNYC)

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