How About 5.3% Interest On Your Savings?

Consumerism Commentary has an update on the current online checking and savings rates.

UFB Direct and OneUnitedBank are leading with 5.31% and 5.3% respectively. We’ve never heard of these two banks but their websites say they’re FDIC insured.

There’s 9 others on the list to check out, including the one we’ve got our dough in right now, HSBC.

Not included on this list is that ING Direct just started offering 4% on their checking.

You deserve much better than the .25% (or whatever the horrible number is) interest your savings is getting right now. Give an online checking and savings accounts a try. Your money will be working for you for once. — BEN POPKEN

Current Checking and Savings Account Rates [Consumerism Commentary]
(Photo: darkmatter)