Geek Squad Insider Speaks Out

A common refrain we hear from the former and current Geek Squad employees we’ve been talking to is that Geek Squad used to be awesome. Robert Stephens built up an award-winning company with a reputation for being the best in the business. Then he sold it to Best Buy and they turned it to garbage.

One of these former Geek Squad employee shares his thoughts on their data recovery, outsourcing, upsell, and hiring of salesmen over techs policies, inside…

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Geek Squad is a good company to work for. They have a nice ideology and cult-like attitude. However from my experiences working for GS, I have found that a majority of their Agents are rather ignorant about real tech work. Most of them only know how to run GeekSquad’s MRI CD and Customizer. Hardly any of them even use ESD (electrostatic discharge) equipment. And don’t believe the BS they tell you when they say “Our floor is specially treated for ESD”. That would only matter if you are wearing heel straps, which they don’t. Their prices are far overpriced. In some cased they charge double what their competitors charge. There are some very competent Agents, but most of them are from the pre-BBY buyout.

    “Quality – We have an entire quality team whose responsibility is to ensure that our Agents have properly repaired the customers unit.”

Was put into place after NUMEROUS complaints from Precincts and customers from the poor quality.


1. Data Recovery is not a big deal. They hook it up to any random desktop, run a recovery program (license costs about 1k a year), and click recover.

2. They outsource some of the repairs via a remote access application (AKA AJU or Agent Johnny Utah). These people are in countries that have no similar privacy laws that are in the US. So in other words, your computer with your saved bank passwords, government contacts, ETC; are being accessed by “Bob” in India, Pakistan, and various other countries around the world.

3. An Agent’s RPT or Revenue Per Transaction is around $250.00. Which means if you are spending less than that, their goal is to get you to spend more.

4. Geek Squad hires people based on their Salesmen and Customer Service skills before they hire on their Technical Prowess. They would rather Train a salesman to be a tech than train a tech to be a salesman.

Based on what’s been said here and previously, you might be better off taking your computer elsewhere for repairs. Unless you like the idea of a guy who used to work at Taco Bell fondling your laptop. Now we’re sure there’s some competent and even talented and enthusiastic folks doing repairs for Geek Squad, but there’s enough of them that aren’t to raise concerns for consumers. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. ganzhimself says:

    About a year ago a new BB opened up in my town and I applied to the Geek Squad. At the time I had been building and supporting computers for 5 years… I had no sales experience, and little customer service experience, and the interviewer pointed this out. When I talked to the recruiter again to see where I stood they said that they needed salesmen, not techs.

  2. “They would rather Train a salesman to be a tech than train a tech to be a salesman.”

    Hell, you can say the same thing about GoDaddy.

  3. evilhapposai says:

    Sent my laptop to geek squad 3 times now for what would seem to be a simple repair. The ac cord is very loose and falls out when ever it is moved, bumped, etc making using it for a “LAP”top impossible. All three times they take my info and send it off for a good 2-3 weeks only to get it back with no improvement. Heres the best part. The mechanical error with the ac connection somehow means ol’ geek squad has to wipe my hardrive to fix it! A new ac cord (covered in the repair plan) should fix the prob but they have never seemed to try that. 4th time coming up when I get the time to drive 45min to drop it off…should get the “no lemon” exchange after 4 you say? ROTFLMAO….did that before too with my previous laptop.

    Only took 5 repairs at anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month each time to get it back. On the 5th getting my HP back as a Frankenstein monster mix up of another HP model screen, a Compac mother board (boot up screen even said Compac), and a LOT of argument back and forth to FINALLY get them to honor the no lemon that is supposed to be after 4 repairs.

    Best Buy is EVIL no question about it. The Geek Squad, the techs that do the repairs, and the customer service is terrible. There is one person at the new one opening here that seems competent and he is the lowly new hire. Doubt everyone else could even change a light bulb.

  4. As someone who has salespeople and tech people, I can say it’s harder to train someone to be a salesperson than vice versa. For simple tech stuff and problem solving, give me a theatre major with a bit of a brain and a outgoing demeanor anyday.

  5. mateo60 says:

    BB Geek Squad screwed my laptop up bad enough (I didn’t have it for a total of two months), that eventually I had to yell at the manager and cause a scene. He replaced the old unit with a brand new one if I promised never to return.

    I was in computer support and repair for five years. They’re the most incompetent employees I’ve ever seen.

    Never ever ever buy a notebook computer from there if you want a warranty. Many of the manufacturers offer extended warranties for the same price BB charges, and they’re actually competent at fixing machines.

  6. mac-phisto says:

    @Moonshine Mike: i agree! salespeople over techs! that’s why when i’m in need of serious computer repairs, i find the closest raymour & flannigan.

    seriously! what a novel idea! convergence across the board! this could work in a variety of industries! let’s fire all the mechanics at car dealerships & let the floor people work double duty! instead of staffing plants to build copy units, xerox could just have the salesperson visit businesses with parts & build one on the spot! realtors can build houses! home depot cashiers can install cabinets! grocery clerks can grow & harvest food!

    get real. when i want to buy a computer, i’ll talk to a salesperson. when i want to repair a computer, give me someone who can repair it, or send me on my way & i’ll find someone else.

    from a business standpoint, touting salesmen as techs will net you more in the short-term, but it is not a self-sustaining business model. someone may fork over $500 ONCE for a crappy repair job, but not twice. & this site is evidence that people tell people who tell people who tell people when they get screwed.

    a person with technical computer repair skills should be EXACTLY what a business like GS should be looking for. sales expertise can be trained & enforced with bonuses or commission.

    i shiver after reading some things about GS. if i sent a computer out b/c of a faulty power jack & they wiped my drive, i think i would’ve strangled the guy with the power cord on the spot.

  7. bitplayer says:

    Well a lot of manufacturers, Gateway, are sending customers to Best Buy to fulfill things within the one year warranty time period. That’s like sending a customer to a snake oil salesman. Stay away from Best Buy. Seriously you are better buying the cheapest comp from Wal mart or Costco you can find then, if you must, get the manufacturer warranty. Store warranties aren’t worth the paper they are written on. OfficeMax and Circuit City are also getting into this business so beware.

  8. mikejanssen says:

    @bitplayer, sorry, but I am a salesperson at Gateway, and I have yet to hear of anything like that. Don’t know where you may be getting your info from. Only reason we would have anybody go to Best Buy for anything, is if it was a retail model (which was bought at bestbuy). Don’t go throwing that kind of info around..ya’ hear!?!

    anyways..good to know bestbuy cares more about sales, then keeping customers happy. = ) gooo $$!!

  9. aerosheik says:

    As a former GS “agent” I have to agree with this article/opinion, the technical prowess of some of the guys I came into contact with was lacking. Even the comments previous to mine are somewhat relevant, I can verify the power cord/HD wipe happens, needlessly. Working for GS is career suicide for any IT professional.

  10. ej00807 says:

    Please, ESD equipment is over-rated. I’ve serviced PC’s for over a decade without it. If you ground yourself to the case before touching inside there is nothing to worry about.

    Frankly, you could be fully charged and a discharge would never normally occur. Regardless, I always hold the cards and compoenets like a photograph (at the edges).

    ESD is for handling exposed metal contacts, pc traces and discrete components. It’s also good when working in a SERIOUSLY highly charged area; (not your typical home or office).

    BTW, I once took an old 486 and deliberately tried to discharge it to submission. Despite several discharges to chips and board components, I still couldnt’ break the darn thing. I think IC’s are better engineered today, because back in the 80’s they would fail at the drop of a feather.

    I also tried to erase a physical HD with a giant electromagnet. The data was still there and it never quit working. The magnetic was practically smoking with force as it pulled itself up against the HD.

    • Anonymous says:

      I work for Geek quad presently as an agent and to be honest I care about nothing more then customer satisfaction and seeing that every laptop and desktop i touch is fixed to 100% satisfaction of the customers before my own. If ever I know that there is a problem with shipping a customers item for repair or rapid exchange, i make sure that it is solved or at the very least that the customer is notified of the inconvenience. I learned those kinds of skills through hard work and dedication, not best buy or even the cool, cult like and very eductaional geek squad. Just because you gave up when faced with corporate cock and bull (which P.S. Mr. mouthy and uneducated thats what “Corporate America” is gonna give you) and you ran probably because you couldnt hack being in your position dosent mean you have to down talk a group of people that has some very loyal and very satisfied customers … go to circuit city … lol

  11. dotsmash says:

    Several interesting points that are all true. Prices need to be changed to actually compete with the local shops. It is hilarious to see district come in and actually say that our prices are in direct competion with the rest of the shops in several towns when I know for a fact through cold calling the competition that our prices will be 20%-50% more than the competitors. While I have reported this to my supervising manager, it does not make a difference as we have to follow the set prices.

    Geek Squad
    In serious need of improvement in areas that are not changeable to the average Agent. Precints are filled with “Agents” that lack the knowledge or skills to be a true technician. Those Precints that are staffed by these kind of Agents are hopeless, a loss cause in some ways.

    Sorry to all the customers that have been taken advantage of by incompetent, lack of training “Agents.” Managers should focus more on customer satisfaction through hiring skilled technicians as well as training those techincians on the procedures necessary to take care of the customer! District and Corp should research the cost of running a precinct, and then modify the price of our services accordingly!


    // Working hard to change the flaws of our Precint!

  12. erock0 says:

    Their shoes protect them from shocks. See:… Same principle.

    • erock01 says:

      Holy hell, you are by far the dumbest person on the planet. Please don’t post articles about shit you have no idea about, on topic you think are somehow related, because you have no idea what it’s about. On that same idea, please don’t reproduce. We don’t need more idiots like you clogging up society.

  13. mewyn dyner says:

    @ej00807: As components get smaller and denser, ESD is becoming more and more a problem outside of component level.

    Also, ESD won’t necessarily destroy a component, in fact ESD is a common factor in ‘flaky’ devices, like memory. When you have a memory module that’s not behaving quite properly, in my experience, it’s more often than not improper handling that has damaged the module.

    As for edge-handling, it’s all well and good, as long as you don’t touch any exposed traces, contacts, or component leads. Basically, even if you are holding a card by the edges, you cannot hold them by the connector card edge.

    Trying to scramble a hard disk with a magnet is hit or miss. Just because the magnet was able to pull itself up against the housing of the drive does not mean that it was able to have the strength to penetrate the housing. Also, to disrupt the data on the drive you must move the drive through the flux, it cannot be just set on the drive.

  14. DesertFox82 says:

    I had a very similar experience to evilhapposai, right down to the wiped hard drive for power issues. My trouble then morphed into an LCD issue; where the backlighting would consistantly go out OUTSIDE of Best Buy, but almost never in the store. So I’d walk away from the GS guys looking like a fool only to return the next day and wait in line again.

    Took almost 4 months of this to get to the “no lemon” threshold, where Best Buy replaced my laptop for a more expensive model. It was “the cheapest one on the sales floor” and significantly more powerful than the 2 year old model it replaced. The best part? When the GS guy informed me that Best Buy then cosidered my extended warrenty “fullfilled”. But I put a new one on the new machine. Brand new laptop for $250? I took it.

    The new one has the same LCD issues. I don’t dare go back.

  15. Donomans says:

    I used to work in GS, back when Robert was still in charge and there was only a single store in Minneapolis, years back… I even had the best Agent number (still have my fancy badge – hah).

    It seems a lot has changed since then… Back then we used to get calls from all around the world and did stuff for some rather well known people. The prices were still pretty steep, but at least your computer was guaranteed to work as expected, or the customer could bring it back in on a recall. It was pretty unacceptable to lose customers data — wiping the drive was almost last resort. There was no pressure to charge people for stuff just to meet a sales quota (we were tech geeks, not salesmen!) — we charged people what needed to be done (sometimes less, even, if we could justify it).

    At one point, GS was a fantastic place to work and was quite respected (especially in MN).

  16. Trump says:

    ej00807 im sorry but you are completely unfounded. ESD threat is not overrated. Do you have an oscilloscope at your home? Did you check all the traces on the boards you were handling? One of the biggest problems ESD creates is Intermittent failurers (aka latent ESD damage). It can work fine one moment then 3 days or 3 months later completely die out.

    Have you ever worked component level in a corporate environment? Did you know through an internal study, IBM lost over 250,000 in a quarter through improper handling of ESD sensitive products? Overrated…. sure.

    You Wrote: “Frankly, you could be fully charged and a discharge would never normally occur.”

    How would you know that you didn’t discharge? When you feel it, it is a minimum of 3,000 Volts. It takes less than 30 Volts to damage a component.

    Here learn something:

    “ESD is for handling exposed metal contacts, pc traces and discrete components. It’s also good when working in a SERIOUSLY highly charged area; (not your typical home or office).”

    Wouldn’t a home with carpet, socks, couches, etc be more of an ESD hazard than an environment with tile, shoes, and all counter-tops?

  17. dr_oxide says:

    Purchased HP DV9008nr laptop 1-10-2007. Took it back to bestbuy 2-23-07 for keyboard problems. Instead of replacing it they sent it off and now claim it has water damage and is no longer under warranty and trying to charge $600 on service! We all know what the problem and the cause is in the electrical engineering department and it was not water damaged as claimed! We still have not received the computer back for us to reanalyze and further our documentation. 3-10-07

  18. dr_oxide says:

    Still have not recieved laptop and still getting the run around from geeksquad at our west store in Wichita KS. There delaying sending it back. Where sure the unet will not match or original photos or our original documentation!

  19. dr_oxide says:

    Where’s your ESD approved wrist straps and ESD approved smocks and clothing? Improper ESD procedures everywhere! What about ESD floor treatment. Area’s not even posted as ESD. Shame shame on you! Zap goes someones board every minute!

  20. dr_oxide says:

    Where’s your ESD approved wrist straps and ESD approved smocks and clothing? Improper ESD procedures everywhere! What about ESD floor treatment. Area’s not even posted as ESD. Shame shame on you! Zap goes someones board every minute!

  21. dr_oxide says:

    Where’s your ESD approved wrist straps and ESD approved smocks and clothing? Improper ESD procedures everywhere! What about ESD floor treatment. Area’s not even posted as ESD. Shame shame on you! Zap goes someones board every minute!

    Purchased HP DV9008nr laptop 1-10-2007. Took it back to best buy 2-23-07 for keyboard problems. Instead of replacing it they sent it off and now claim it has water damage and is no longer under warranty and trying to charge $600 on service! We all know what the problem and the cause is in the electrical engineering department and it was not water damaged as claimed! We still have not received the computer back for us to reanalyze and further our documentation
    3-13-07 Still have not received laptop and still getting the run around from geek squad at our west store in Wichita KS. There delaying sending it back. Where sure the unit will not match or original photos or our original documentation! And we have an extended warrenty with HP!

  22. xodus says:

    I say keep up the good work Geek Squad! Their crappy services keeps little IT companies like mine in business.

  23. Skorme says:

    @ Mac-Phisto

    You say you would have strangled the guy with the cord if he had to wipe the drive.

    But did you notice that they had to replace a motherboard? DId you know that if you repalce a motherboard that isn’t the same one that usually requires a hard drive wipe? And you also sign a sheet saying that when you hand a oomputer over that you are responsible for your own data and backing it up. What would you do if you were using it and the hard drive failed and from the sounds of it you know your computer stuff, why would you not back your information up before you let anyone touch your PC?

    Do tell.

    • Computer Medic says:

      Changing a motherboard on any pc does not require a hard drive wipe. That is GS hype to get you to spend more money. Any “good” A+ certified tech like myself would know it take a bit more know how then to follow the direction of their “trade secret” MRI CD they are all frauds!!!

      I have change hundreds of mb’s on laptops and desktop and still be able to use the very same hard drive information you just have to know what your doing!!! Clearly some don’t know!

  24. atonse says:

    @ Skorme: That is simply cheap.

    Using a legal document to somehow justify the easy way out of wiping someone’s hard drive is just shoddy customer service and is simply unacceptable.

    I have been building and repairing computers for over ten years and I have only ever lost my data ONCE. And believe me, I have broken my windows, software, everything multiple times, to unrepairable proportions.

    Nowadays especially, it is extremely hard to lose your data on a hard drive. There is simply no excuse to wipe someone’s data out unless it was completely unrecoverable.

    I even worked at Best Buy at the “Tech Bench” (few months before Geek Squad took over), and we were given a sales quota which I constantly fought with my manager about. He used to tell me I had to sell $400 worth of things every day. I can’t blame him, he had his targets and had to do his job. However, I had my targets (customer satisfaction, fixed hardware) and had to do my job.

    I had cultivated more return customers by SAVING them money (doing free RAM upgrade here, not charging them for a 5 minute fix there), and ultimately they would come back with more repairs for their even older computers, and once they trusted me, they never once complained about anything i’d try to sell them.

    THAT’s how you turn a profit, through long term relationships, not trying to weasel out of a “data-wipe” by saying “well you signed the legal document” – how about we start caring even an ounce about the customers and try our very best NOT to lose their data instead of hiding behind a legal document?

  25. UDoNotKnowMe says:

    I worked bestbuy geeksqaud for 2 years. yes they would rather hvae sales people than techs. howeve ri guess i was at one of the few stores where the Technicians that actually worked the tech bench not the front counter did know what they were doing and what they were talking about. The sad thing is they never once complimented us on how well we did the repairs but they did award us for being the first geek squad in the company to hit 1 million dollars in services alone. i was a technician going into GS and came out a car salesman.
    We were forced to get 8-10 repairs done a day while doing power washes for the sales floor. in other words we have no time to really concentrate on getting the job done right the first time around…and when the customer came back pissed off b/c their machine still broken we were trained to get even more money out of them. Terrible place to work. No morals at all. Completely fake employees and they do not care at all about customer needs only the money.

    formerly of bestbuy store 52 springfield missouri.

  26. joe179 says:

    Excuse me, you AJU is NOT located in another country. If you are going to talk about a subject, you should at least spend a bit of time researching what you are talking about before you bash something… Also, on the subject of data recovery, some data can be recovered they way it is explained here. But again, The Geek Squad has many other internal channels with which to recover data and one should be aware of this before starting such a sour post. I am NOT saying that best Buy is a Great company to work for, but the origional post here is NOT correct in the majority of what it was saying. There are a select group of agents that spend the entire year trying to hold true to Robert’s award winning company.

  27. mongooseman1128 says:

    I feel pretty qualified to say what is and isn’t BS on this page. I’ve worked at GS for two years. First, getting a good precinct seems to be a little hit and miss. I like to think the guys I work with are pretty ethical (there are a couple exceptions). Second, some agents are way over qualified and some are far under qualified. Backups are over priced. it’s $99 for me to plug a HDD into a computer we have designated for backups and burn your files to disc. I don’t know how the Data recovery services work so won’t speak to anything about that.
    I think hardware installs should be changed for pricing. $40 to install a f@cking piece of RAM??? Honestly, if a customer has paid for any other service at all by us i’ll install RAM free, or if no one’s looking I do it free. IT TAKES 2 MINUTES!
    $129 to restore a computer? there is all of 3 minutes of clicking involved. I think we need a cheaper restore price, but sometimes the software repairs are a major hassly and can take a lot of time and $129 is expensive but not as ludicrous.
    As far as I can tell at my precinct, GS standards have been going up. the people I used to work with would restore a computer if there were anything more than viruses on it. Now, I see people genuinely researching problems and fixing them.
    I don’t like AJU very much. the repairs take too long. In general it’s just faster for us to put the unit in our stores queue and get around to it.
    ESD IS NOT OVERRATED. it takes far fewer volts to fry a trace than you can feel. Every time you open a computer, GROUND TO THE CASE (any agent should know that and have memorized it during A+) and wear ESD strap
    finally, I think sometimes customers who make the biggest complaints (at least about my precinct) about bad service do so because in reality they have no clue what they’re talking about. A customer was furious one time because his battery wan’t charging. He wanted a knew one. I wanted to send it to service to have the DC jack repaired. I was correct in wanting the DC jack repaired. He made hell about it, called over and over, and when he got the computer back, he claimed I had proved he was right about the battery because the computer wouldn’t turn on without the AC adaptor. I tried to tell him that was because the battery was dead but he just stormed out (the battery really was dead).
    Finally, I have seen agents just flat out lie to save the company money. My boss told a customer the restore failed because of bad discs when the discs were clearly usable. I don’t know why he lied then, but he did.

  28. sle212 says:

    I bought a Gateway laptop about 2 years ago and was convinced to buy a 3-year service plan. After having it about 1 year, the power button got jammed and I took it in for repair. It was “fixed” and returned to me. I just experienced the same problem, where I could not press the power button to turn it on. It was jammed once again. I took it in again for repair.

    I just received a call from the Geek Squad, advising me that the power button was fixed, but that they also had to replace my hard drive and if I wanted my data (2 years of documents, etc.) restored, it would cost me $279.00, which, by the way, was NOT covered by the service plan.

    I was told that I signed a waiver that it was my responsibility to back up all data, so they may not be able to do anything for me, and I would have to pay $279 to get my data.

    However, I did not have any problems with my hard drive and did not take it in for a hard drive repair.

    Second, I did not LOSE my data (which, I understand, is not covered by the service plan), but they removed the data from my computer by unnecessarily replacing my hard drive in the course of repairing the power button. To the extent that they still had the data and the ability to restore it, they should have done so without charging me.

    Finally, the “waiver” I signed was, in actuality, ten numbered paragraphs on a service order that was printed out AFTER they took my computer and had me sign an altogether different form. Moreover, they never pointed out anything on that fine print form, and certainly never explained that there was any risk of losing data (or a hard drive) in the course of fixing a power button.

    Here’s my question: Is this standard practice (or is there pressure) to find ways to charge people for services that are not covered under the service plan?

    Why did they charge me $279.00 to copy my data onto the new hard drive when someone in the post above said $99, I think. Aren’t prices uniform? Do they charge people with service plans more for “excluded services” than they charge people who don’t have plans?

    Also, the guy from corporate who I complained to said that GS will usually run a diagnostic on the computer and fix whatever seems to be problematic even if it isn’t the precise thing that the customer brought the computer in for. Is this true?

    Anyone out there with similar experience of GS finding ways to charge soemone with service plan?

    • Anonymous says:

      The service center does charge more then the store so if you got that price from the service center then it was correct. I work for the Geek Squad and I can tell you if you didnt sign the refusal for data backup then you can make a stink to managment and get it done for nothing because the agent at check in should have explained to you what was going to happen. If the unit did go to service they automatically run a full diag on all units reguardless of the issue with it and they will change out failing parts while it is there

  29. sle212 says:

    I noticed in the tune-up and system optimization section of the GS manual, that it says that this should be done on EVERY computer regardless of the problem.

    Is there a separate charge for a tune-up and optimization? It looks like it is nothing more than removing temporary files. Is it really necessary to do on every computer regardless of the problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      THE tune up and optimization is a number of things … why would you “just remove temp files” on a computer thats brand new? Its a couple different tweaks … and lets remember folks of any of you could do thw work yourselves then you wouldnt be paying someone else. We all have bad experiences places and unfortunately not everyone is as legit about their job but i uphold geeksquads ideas in every computer i work on, even when im not at home and helping a friend or familly member, they know who i work for and i represent GS even then. Do you hold your own jobs in high standard? think about it people – cause you and we are all just that … people.

  30. mongooseman1128 says:

    The $99 backup applies to when we have a computer’s Hard drive in the store and can plug it into a computer we have designated for backups. the $279 is actually a new thing it’s for actual data recovery off a failed/failing drive. Unfortunately, one bit of bullshit by GS is that if a computer goes to service and needs a backup it automatically goes to the $279. Also, you’re right about the fine print part. Where I work the people are required to make a point about the backup and the key points of what you’re signing (like I said previously the people at my precinct are pretty ethical), but I’ve heard from other employees that this not the case at a lot of precincts. This technically does violate company policy though because we’re supposed to make you aware of what’s being signed and also offer the $99 backup every time, no matter what.
    The tuneup (or optimization, they mean the same thing) actually consists of a few things.
    1) clean up temp files
    2) defrag hard drive if necessary
    3) update windows and all drivers
    4) go through MSconfig to delete unnecessary startup items
    5) apply “agent tweaks” these are registry values that are installed to do various optimizations to system.
    In my opinion this optimization is worth the $29 on many computer but sometimes the user simply doesn’t need it because the user won’t notice a serious speed increase from it.
    Finally, standard practice SHOULD be making sure to repair a computer as cheaply as possble for a customer while still doing a quality repair. This is the standard at my precinct. However, the supervisors and seniors are always under pressure from management to make budget and this, from what I hear, screws over the customer at some precincts.

  31. isaGSemployee says:

    Im a Geek Squad employee at Best Buy. I’m sad to say that all of this is true. We also run an analyzer that tells you if you have ad ware, viruses, spyware and what not just to charge you $200 or your hard earned dollars to clean it up. Not only do we clean it up but we use your recovery cd’s to do it. There is no technical aspect to GS. At our BB we hire employees with no technical background, certifications or schooling. We do outsource most of our AJU’s but that means nothing. the fact that we charge an arm and a leg for it is the horrible part. At the BB that i work for they leave all of your private information thrown everywhere for the public eye to see. The techs don’t care about your unit. we’ve dropped PC’s, camera’s, Ipods, anything name it. The techs just stack laptops on top of laptops. and if it states that the unit was scratched before it came into the precinct then even better…b/c that scratch that we put into your unit means you eat it up b/c it was stated in the service order sheet. Once in a while we help someone out, but most of the time we give shitty service and it takes us weeks to work on your PC b/c we’re too busy not doing our job. I stay at my job hoping that one day i can turn it around and maybe have them do more good than bad. Hopefully.

  32. bhl311 says:


    I have had a hell of a time getting my laptop serviced from geek squad. First of all we live an hour and a half a way from the nearest best buy store. I work two jobs and my wife just had a baby so the only way that we could get our laptop shipped off for service was to have her drive up to the store in chesapeake with our new now four month old baby to get the laptop sent away for service.

    We had to service it because it was not getting adequate power and shutting down all of a sudden. Plus it drained the battery. The first time my wife got up there and the “bright” technician basically looked at it and said, “well I don’t know what is going on with it so we will have to ship it off.” Basically wasting my wife’s time as well as having a screaming baby in the car. Doesn’t make for a fun day. We get a call saying it was fixed so she drove back up there to pick it up the next week. They said that they replaced the motherboard. We get it back and it still isn’t working right because it is overheating causing the keystrokes to lag then to the point of being unsuable because it locked up. So my wife had to drive up there again to drop it off. They shipped it off and their response was “well the hardware passed all of our “stress test” so you will have to reload it”. They also told us that it was there in the store already. So my wife drove up there on Monday to go to pick it up to find out that it was not there yet. She asked them “well when we get it back and while we try to reload it and it locks up then what…?” The techs response was to call HP. Why would we call hp when our computer system is still in warranty with best buy and have to call hp when it is clearly a hardware issue..? At this point I started emailing the Geek squad corporate basically saying that it is a joke that they can not make exceptions and arrange for a ups pickup label to be mailed to our house and then for it to be ship back to our house from the service center. I was also asking for a replacement at this point because it has been serviced multiple times. I first get a response from someone that said he was in the corporate office and said that they had a strict laptop replacement policy and it required a three time hardware replacement in order for there to be any kind of laptop replacement. I didn’t like his response so I emailed the corporate headquarters again so they got me someone else. They arranged for it to be shipped to our house from the service center. I do have all of my industry certs and work in the IT field for one of my jobs so I know a thing or two. The technician that said he was a “senior tech” basically said that this was an issue with software and it needed to be reloaded. I told him that he was wrong and said that it was hardware but he was like well someone with industry certs would know to try to reload it. I wanted to say back to him at that point, well I WOULD IF IT WOULD STOP LOCKING UP EVEN ON REBOOT AT THE XP LOGO!!

    We get the laptop back and find out that the problem was still there. However I did discover at this time that if you pressed against the memory area that the computer would not locked anymore and allowed you to use it for a bit before it locked up again. So I called the person that emailed me the second time back from corporate. He sent out a 100 dollar gift card and said to call back for a replacement next week if it continues. Which it did and so I tried to call him all the following week however he did not respond to any of my calls or emails. I then get a call from the original person who sent the first email to me, after I left a couple of messages politely about what was going on to robert stephens about how I felt I was being blown off. This guy has the nerve to tell me that they have a one for one policy where only one corporate person could help out on an issue. So I was like why didn’t the second person tell me that to begin with instead of making me act like an idiot trying to get in touch with him everyday like he said to.

    Anyways, I told this original guy what I discovered and he said that we would need to send it off again to service. So my wife and I get up there again and drop off the laptop to be serviced. We ship it off and they replace the motherboard again and something on the bottom of the chassis. The original corporate guy said that he would have it arranged to be shipped from the service center directly to our house. So we wait for it yet we find out from the tracking that it was shipped to the store so we get a call from the store late friday afternoon. The corporate guy even called the store when he found out that it was being shipped to them and told them to ship it off to our house when they get it. He checked on Monday or Tuesday to see if it was shipped and he said that the store had told him that it was shipped but the person who had the tracking number information was not in. So we wait and wait and wait for it till Friday came around. Saw the ups truck drive by and did not stop.
    The corporate best buy guy calls on Thursday when I was at work at night to see if we got it. My wife told him we did not and that he said he would email me and would check back in on Saturday when he was in again. I wrote to him friday night telling him that we saw the ups truck drive by. He emailed me back the next day saying that they had it shipped out the day before on friday the 28th. He was pissed off about that part of it because the workers in the store lied to both him and to me. He did say that they did do a two day shipment on it this time so I guess we will see what happens with all of this. He did say he was going to ship out another 100 dollar gift card. I sent another email back saying that since they basically lied to the both of us that my wife and I should get more for our troubles..Have not heard back from him so we will see what happens on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

    So pas it along, AVOID THE CHESAPEAKE, VA GEEK SQUAD COMPONENT OF BEST BUY AT ALL COST!!!! They are basically throwing their money away keeping those idiots employed!!!

  33. bhl311 says:

    As you can tell a lot has happened and I tried to edit and be thorough so you could see what we have been through just to get a laptop fixed!!!

  34. butta says:

    Geek Squad is the PITS just had an similar experience with them but on the phone trying to fix the computer remotely. I stayed up 3 nights straight to 3a. Started working with them on a Friday evening problem still not fixed by Monday afternoon. I had to keep calling back getting a different rep and start over from the beginning explaining the entire problem again and they would run the same test the previous person did wasting another 2 hrs. Finally one person said there was something on the computer that couldn’t be removed so asked why they didn’t tell me that 5 reps ago wasting my time. So they gave me a refund which I still haven’t received. Anyone would be better than Geek Squad.

  35. agentbartolone says:

    It really makes me sad to hear so many people are disgruntled with the Geek Squad. I am an agent at the Santee, California precinct and I can say we are all very knowledgeable techs. However, I do see where you are coming from. When i first applied i was denied a job for the mission valley precinct because i have no sales experience, regardless of all my certifications and experience. After that I asked the agents there a few simple computer questions and got the same answer “Let me go ask my supervisor.” It really is pathetic.

  36. *J* says:

    After what everyone has to say, i’m even more confused than before! I have had my Dell laptop for about 3 years now and it is slow and sluggish as ever. I can barely online, and don’t even think about doing more than one thing at once, I have run registry clean outs, virus scans, the whole nine yards, and no improvement has been seen. My boyfriend offered to have it professionaly fixed for x-mas and I have no idea where to bring it! Can someone please recommened someone/company for me? I really shouldn’t be spending the money I dont have on this, but my comp is out of control. Help!!

  37. jwool814 says:

    I am a former Geek Squad employee proudly working for Sprint now. It’s all true…Geek Squad has a few good techs here and there,however, most Geek Squad “techs” really know nothing about actual PC repair. Like another person wrote, they use the MRI disk when they can, AJU when they cant. All repairs other than can be fixed by simply inserting a live CD are shipped out to someone else, if not “Geek Squad City”, where, as yet another experienced Geek Squad consumer has already learned, the HDD is for some stange reason always wiped out.(probably to teach the customer a lesson about the hazards of not paying Geek Squad to perform a data backup before the unit goes out for repair, which costs a minimum of $99.00.) Ludicrous. Most of the in-store “techs” are pulled from the sales floor to fill the ever inceasing need for more “geeks” as they refine there process of roping unsuspecting customers into tossing away lots of hard earned money. With BBY’s huge thirst for sales, Geek Squad employees are highly pressured every day to bring in as much “service” revenue as they can. (Fill up the shelves during the week with hundreds of computers needing repair and we’ll fix them all on saturday) Right. When I became an employee with Geek Squad a year and a half ago I quickly realized I was in for it. They misrepresented my position’s description, hammered me to SELL, SELL, SELL, ignoring the issue of me being a Computer Tech fresh from graduation. They did’nt want my skill as a technician…they only wanted salesman. As far as average starting wages, Geek Squad has fallen on the score card to way below industry standards. Unfortunatly, this whole Geek Squad thing has turned to trash. Geek Squad’s days numbered…I would NEVER take my system to Geek Squad.

  38. geekchef says:

    The question I have is, Why don’t you make it a regular practice to back up your data? Not just because you don’t trust the service your going to get from Best Buy, but because you shouldn’t trust a small MECHANICAL device with all of your data and personal information. I can understand not printing everything out (even though my grandfather always told me “Paper never forgets”) but you should at least put it on to CDs, DVDs, or Thumb/Flash/External Drives. I not only back up my data onto DVD, but have a second hard drive that I store in my firesafe that is an exact clone of my working hard drive. Now yes that is a bit excessive, and it takes some time out of every month to make sure that my recently added information is backed up; but in the case of evacuation due to fires, earthquakes, and mudslides I know that I will still be able to do my job when I am displaced. The point is if you loose your data it’s YOUR fault, and the thing I’ve heard from other people is that no one told them they needed to back up their data. Well does some one need to tell you to lock your door, take a shower, and wipe? They even make external hard drives that you plug in, press a button (on the external, and is usually big and says something to the extent of BACKUP on it), and go away; it’s completly automated. Now I agree, I wouldn’t like someone waiving the fine print in my face if I found out that something went wrong; BUT why didn’t you ask them what you were signing? I’ve checked in multiple things at Best Buy under the extended service plan, and have not had any problems yet, I’m more happy that I know I can break my stuff and it gets repaired or replaced. Plus the TWO times that I was checking in a computer (one desktop for a new power supply, and one laptop for a shattered screen) the tech who was checking me in asked, “Have you backed up you data, because there is no guarantee that your unit won’t come back with a new hard drive. We can back it up before we send it out for $159, or you take it home and back it up for free then bring it back and we’ll send it out”. He then proceeded to have me initial the line on the service order where it says that my data is MY responsibility, and in other places that described condition, accessories, and my home and service plan info. THEN he also pointed out the part of the little service brochure that explained the “NO LEMON POLICY” and how not all services fall under the catagory of VALID REPAIRS, thus do NOT qualify as services towards the no lemon policy.

    But I guess maybe I’m just smart enough to not expect too much from a warranty (which is usually not actually the store, but an insurance company that sponsors it), or from a multi-million dollar company, or from some kid who is barely out of high school and probably gets off of work and goes directly to get drunk/high for every minute that he is not wearing that stupid clip-on tie.

  39. AnonymousGeek says:

    welp, what more can I add to this endless list of incompetence.

    I am currently working for the GeekSquad. Won’t say where, but I’ve been on the job for roughly 6 months. It’s all true. I thought I would actually learn from some of the techs at my job. Not so. My boss, the DCI, is/was a druggie (he was fired 4 months in)…..he also never trained me. He never showed me how to do a damned thing in Star or Pheonix. He didn’t care frankly. the Senior was even worse. (also a druggie) Always rude to customers and only cared about selling ADR+Ps even if the unit had 1 easy-to-remove adware trace. All the service manager (and store manager for that matter) cares about is making budget. They could give two shits about our turn time or whether or not a computer is fixed. As long as they don’t have to deal with an angry customer they are happy.

    Whatever. What goes around comes around. It’s all a reflection of the top dawgs and where their minds are. Best Buy will get what’s coming to it, especially with the market plummeting as it is. In the meantime I am getting hired somewhere else. (more money, real hours, and a REAL job thank God) I’m not giving a two week notice AND they don’t even having a working DCI OR Senior. They are gonna be screwed when I leave and I don’t care.

  40. LexGoyle says:

    Well, I need to respond to this new that I came across it.

    I worked for Geek Squad for about 10 months, terminating my employment there in early July of 07. I can’t speak for ALL of the different GS locations but here is my experience at the Kennewick, WA store.

    When I was being interviewed and had pointed out my 11 years of experience fixing computers with my networking teacher in HS and for friends and friends of friends and of course myself over the years, the thing that really got me hired on was my sales experience. I had worked a few retail jobs and learned a thing or two about selling. But my own ethics kinda clash with what some companies expect. Does anyone remember Windows 95 OSR2, which even the disc clearly lables “USB Support”? Well the store manager at the time who had said he has 25 years experience selling computers and claimed I was wrong when I mentioned that Windows 95 OSR2 was the first version of windows to support USB. He said Windows 98 Second Edition was. To this day I will argue that it was windows 95, despite the support being fairly poor and USB devices back then were nearly non existant.

    Anyway, training on their specific systems such as STAR.. and later on Phoenix which was a front end for a front end and pretty stupid at it, did not happen. I had to figure out MRI for myself, but alot of time could have been saved had my requests to be shown how it works were honored instead of delayed over and over and over.

    We had a couple of other competent techs. One of which was fired for being late to work a few too many times, which happened to be the guy who put in the good word for me and we constantly brush up on new tech all the time in our free time too. But he was bucking hard for the full time spot that became available but it was ultimately given to someone else who was not exactly qualified for pc repair but it was a stipulation for Best Buy to keep him. So basically we got a full time tech who knew jack when a part timer who know his stuff and wanted the hours didn’t get it.

    Store numbers were constantly bashed into my head and where I came from, numbers were never really an employee concern unless they were commission and naturally I didn’t care about numbers. I was there to fix computers and build returning customers by linking them up with what they need and may need in the foreseeable future. Basically say “Here’s what you need for what you want to do” after spending a few moments with the customer to find out their needs. Someone who does not want to take the time to go home and back up their data will pay the $99 backup charge with much griping about the price, which I fully agree is overkill. However, I also agree that people NEED to get into good backup habits right from the start anyway. Bare MINIMUM is keep your data on 2 different devices and absolutely critical data should be kept in 3 or more in my book.

    With the customers I helped, the biggest complaints I received were about cost and time. Business owners were some of the worst. However, if you can’t be without a machine, like your data… keep a backup! I can’t stand it when business owners came up and when we determined a desktop had to be shipped out for something that could not be repaired in the store (company policy did not allow us to replace motherboards in store) and quoted them approx. 2 weeks for it to return they would flip out and toss around how they can’t be without it for that long because of the business they run. Always always have more then 1 computer in a business people! :( Computers fail. It’s why us techs can remain employed.

    AJU or “Jonny Utah” IS outsourced to other countries, contrary to a comment I read earlier in the series of comments. I had a nice chat with a tech in India, talked about the weather and our jobs while we waited for a machine to boot and connect that had issues doing so. However there were also some from the US. And I hated that damn system because we had issues with it, despite the “senior” tech loving it because really all he had to do was plug it in and forget about it. AJU was hit or miss, and mostly miss in my experience. It also sucked up a full time position in labor budget so those of us in part time had our hours cut back. I was down to about 10 a week.

    Laptops, cameras, ipods were indeed stacked/dropped/scratched/etc. Especially when the cages were full and things needed to be locked up at closing. All and all though, I just did not enjoy the job there. My belief in spending the time needed to get to know what a customer needs and matching them up with what they need did not exactly gain my manager’s approval given that often I would spend 15 min or so with someone answering their questions about particular items and differences between them. I did however gain the favor of some of those customers and sure enough they came back to buy more stuff from the store they say they wouldn’t normally have done if I hadn’t took the time to answer their questions. Proper salesmanship takes time. Time the company does not want to spend. It really is all about how quick you can get them out the door with something so you can move on to the next. Hell I was told by GS supervisor that I need to work on the computers faster and that my attention needed to be up at the front counter checking people in even though when I was hired I was told my primary job would be in the back working on the machines.

    When working on a machine, I stick with it and move on to a second when the first is going to crunch for a while. But I was expected to move to another machine instead of waiting 3-4 seconds while the first would be busy launching something. I don’t bounce like that. It breaks my focus and with our store having a good number of computers coming back for redo services because we overlooked something that could have been easily avoided, it was not worth the chance of me missing something and a machine being handed out by some tech who gives the computer a quick look, doesn’t check the notes (which happened quite a bit.. some didn’t bother leaving any notes), thinks it is fine and sends it out the door only to have the person return and frustrated.

    Sad though because I do alright in sales… I feel my morals are where they need to be in a sales position because my goal is to ensure as few returns as possible and build returning customers and do my best to help them understand what they are buying to avoid the pc repair headaches later on in terms of pissed off people who think the machine should not break because it is a month old or so. But all this takes time and more then I was apparently allowed to take. I’m a tech who happened to have sales experience and there was so much more emphasis on the sales part and adding on as many services as I could be it a new product sale or a repair transaction. As far as my tech skills went, I was just there to cover the lunches for the guys in the back and do call log and shipping, new pc setups and check in / check outs. A far cry from what I was hired on for and my complaints about it were always met with telling me to find a job elsewhere if i’m unhappy. And thus I did, but not before milking out all I could from the employee discount (store cost plus 5%) and dishing out as many free services as I could before I left.

    Best Buy needs to seriously revamp it’s business model. Hell they nearly went bankrupt about 10 years ago or so. Sure they are up there now, but at this rate it’ll just end up going downhill unless they can run out the competition like Wal-Mart. This CARE plus crap they spill out at us (a customer service model) needs to be looked at with numbers OUT of the equation. It’s a good theory, but in the end money just limits it if a salesperson cannot spend 15 – 20 minutes answering questions and finding out what someone needs without a manager giving them a talking to about it. Perhaps this isn’t the case for every Best Buy store for every sales transaction, but it sure is there.

    On a sidenote, enough complaining to the store manager will typically get you results. As I recall, the store manager’s job on the floor is to resolve customer satisfaction issues. May not get much the first time, but keep at it… in the store I worked in at least it did. Those with service plans and even when something really was considered personal neglect where it was obvious the device was thrown against a wall or something(damage that is not covered under the extended warrenty and even on accidental damage coverage), they got `em replaced by pulling out the store manager and hounding him about it. And even got gift cards for a rounded dollar amount for services performed because services are “non refundable” if performed but they were for some reason alright with giving out gift cards for around the amount of the service cost if there was an issue. Finally, ensure you do take the time to read the fine print. Know what you are signing because they ARE legally binding. While it is a cheap move to hide behind legal documents, they are just that.. legal documents. Make it a good practice to read anything you sign.. the time it takes you then could save you tons more time in headaches and lawyer fees and what not. Also, try not to tell an employee you will sue the company. We were instructed to end the conversation and point them to the corporate number and the store is not permitted to deal with you any further. Too much legal crap these days I suppose. Anyway, thanks for reading this small novel ^_- and remember, keep backups.. starting right now if you haven’t. Buy an external hard drive, or usb flash drive or even take the time to burn to discs. It WILL save you headaches later. I promise :)

  41. ErrolBloobla says:

    Hey I work for best buy GS as well. If its anything, all they do care
    about is salesmen. I have many pc and mac certs and I am also
    bilingual. I was hired on at the same time a high school kid and he
    makes $2 more per hour because he gets the sales.. I mean i like the
    guys that i work with, and they are pretty good with computers, it’s
    just that we are not allowed to use other 3rd party programs to do
    virus/spyware removals. It’s a process. Which is pretty stupid if you
    ask me. When we hang out off the job, we do some pretty technical
    stuff, but on the job we have to follow procedure or else. But
    whatever i suppose, they are the ones putting food on my table so
    praise best buy! (this last part was sarcasm if you couldnt tell)

  42. netcase says:

    I’m ashamed to say I used to work for Best Buy Geek Squad. It was amazing how much people got ripped off and just kept coming back. There are so many competent, certified technicians who do much more for the general public elsewhere and cannot compete with the GS charade.
    Being A+ certified is now (by law) a requirement to work on client computers. BBuy will pay a tech to get certified but do not enforce it and therefore break that law. As was mentioned, sales staff or maybe a shipping clerk are transferred to the squad if another geek is needed. No experience is necessary, the pay is terrible and employee turnover was 100% when I was there for a year. Gives you an idea why the quality of the work done is so poor.

  43. computersquad says:

    All my friends who have used Geek Squad and FutureShop service gave negative feedback. If you get a virus or spyware, all they do is format your computer – your files, pictures and emails will be deleted. Well, at least they do this in Canada, don’t know how they do it in USA.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Had in-home appt. set up for today to clean and maintain my big screen (this was provided as part of the service plan I paid for). I had to arrange to be home for the 4-hour window they gave me…then they didn’t bother to show up…or call. Follow up showed GS to be totally devoid of any sense of customer service…And I was just requesting what I paid for!!!

    Stay away from these crooks. They don’t deserve your business. Your time is too valuable to let them waste it.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I sent in my computer for repairs because it wasn’t detecting my DVD writer and CDROM. I had to leave it there for repairs and a week went by. I phoned them and they told me there was a virus and it would need to be sent to the manufactures for repair, even though I had the extended warranty for them to fix it at Best Buy. I got upset and picked up my computer from Best Buy / Geek Squad, after arriving at my home, I realize that I forgot to remove my password from the bios. Every time I click the power button a password prompt pops up, so I wondered how the hell could they tell me there’s a virus if they didn’t even have the password prompted at bootup? I then put the recover CD I had and it turned out the drivers were missing, that there was no virus. I have to say, Geek Squad are a bunch of amateurs.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I used to be a DCI (supervisor) at Geek Squad and have to say I really, really disliked the majority of my job, mainly because of:
    overpriced services, underpaid employees, a company that has placed profit much higher than customer satisfaction, no support and….rude customers (there are some very rude people no matter how perfect of a job you do).

    My precinct had extremely well qualified people (I just got lucky) which most of them did it part-time after their normal IT jobs. We were fast, effective and took care of our customers. The problem was that there was never enough people on staff, all my guys were underpaid, we hated sending this off because they will mess it up at the service center, and all our bosses cared about was making money (we were held accountable for this). This caused good people to add extra unneeded services or lose their hours.

    I’m not saying they don’t do a good job and there are really smart people that work for Geek Squad, but it was the corporate side that destroys them.

    So in conclusion, be nice to the agents, but don’t be nice with management or corporate.

  47. Anonymous says:

    As a current GS agent, this is kind of asinine. GS/BBY is like any other business out there, they try to make money. We have to. Our society demands $$$. Name one thing that doesn’t involve money as far as service or trade? Ask you self this question before you knock us. If you were running a small business, and you wanted to make money, to feed your kids, have lights in your house and make car payments… would you rather have an employee that can talk to ppl and explain things the way they need to be explained, or have him sound like a dumb ass, confuse ppl and have them walk out the door? Of course GS needs sales ppl and techs and some ppl can do both, others can’t. It’s all about balance and Business. You can’t compare one business to another based on only the negative…. how many people leave happy, and with a working computer?!?!?
    I sold a lady an ADR+P on her computer, because she had never had a comp before and she got a Trojan downloader because of her grandson. Did she not need it?!?. Were the many hours of work and parts (the software) not worth $300? Its better than replacing the unit. Car repair is $90 per hour + Parts…. If your brakes die, are you going to go buy a new car!!!??? Comps are all most a necessity nowadays, so repair and upkeep is important.
    If you can’t fix your car you take to someone who can. If you can’t fix your computer, you take it to someone who can. Would you take your car to a shop called “Rocco’s car repair” for a brake inspection, or would you go to a trusted incorporation like Goodyear? Would you go to some guy’s house with a virus on your comp, where he will only use the AV/AS on your comp to look at it, or bring it to a corp. and know that we know what the hell we are doing and have expensive tools? Shit going wrong is usually User error, and ignorance. It’s all about knowhow and tools.
    Don’t forget customer service is 2 parts. Business and customer… You wouldn’t do a favor for someone that you don’t know for free would you. You expect something in return, in any business’s case its currency.
    I’m one of those salesperson become techs. Iv been CIA for 2 months and i can do almost anything we do in store, because I have the tools, and a team to help me out. GS is a professional business, and we can’t stop you from being dumb, nor can we stop the manufactures from selling some crappy stuff, but we can try to fix what the problem is.
    Don’t forget most of you Ex agents, you couldn’t do the services without the tools and training you got when you were with BBY/GS. it isn’t rocket science if you have the right tools and the knowhow. If you are going to sit here and bitch about GS take your shitty ass laptop full of porno Trojans to firedog and let them fix it.
    I know I have a lot to learn, but I know what I don’t know, and what to do about it. So you wouldn’t complain about a $90per hour service fee for your car, why would you complain about flat rate PC repair??

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well I brought my computer in because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to fix a problem I created. It was just a matter of correcting the BIOS start up and installing the correct driver. So when I get there they have me wait 20 minutes in a line. Then when I talk the the guy, I tell him what I need done. He says $200 but also agreed to clean out the dust and update the drivers. This was January 4, 2009. It’s now January 19, 2009 and I’ve called them repetitive times and I always get a different answer. First time I called they told me everything was working and it should be out within a day. I called back later that week and they said one of my hard drives failed which I know isn’t possible since they were both working before hand. They said they had fixed it and would be getting it out that day. I called again yesterday and they are telling me they don’t know how long it will take now, they even said my motherboard was messed up. So today I call and I’ve been on hold for 18 minutes so far and still counting. It’s a snowy Sunday so I doubt they are busy, they probably are just being lazy. Overall I wouldn’t take your computer here.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used geek squad several times over the past few years and they’ve continuously gotten worse and worse .. however, I found a new company that’s really good, I live in NYC so their services are available around here, I’m not sure if they’re in every area yet, they’re relatively new. the company is called Nerd Force, their website is and their technicians are very knowledgeable, very nice, and the prices are affordable. I think this company will eventually put geek squad out of business. check them out, on their site you can enter your zip code and see if they’re available in your area. hope this helps =)

  50. Anonymous says:

    On 12/10/06 we bought a Samsung HDTV (40″ LNS4051D)for $2,000 from BB but did not buy service plan. Called GS for service call. He said the panel and back lights were burned out. Repair cost approx: $1,100. Not worth sinking in more $$$. How does this happen within 26 months? Is there a reasonably priced TV out there that is reliable?

  51. Anonymous says:

    I just want to add to the criticism of Geek Squad. I had arranged for a housecall, took the morning off from work to be here during the four hour time frame they requested and – surprise – no one showed up. When I called, I was informed that the “system” had bumped my time by four hours. Geek Squad had my name, addess, email address and telephone numbers but chose not to call me to ask if the time change would work, offer to reschedule or even to let me know that there was a time change. Too bad I can’t bill them for the four hours I wasted waiting for them. Their indifference speaks volumes about thier attitudes towards their customers. I will never call them again and as long as they exist, will recommend people find a different computer service company.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I currently am the DCI for a geek squad precinct. I can agree with some of this. When i first started working for GS it was all about $$$$ and i made it my goal when i took over the precinct to make it about the customer. we have a a system that allows our customers to rate us on how well of a job we did by taking a survey at then by entering your service order number you can leave comments about how you feel about the job we did for you. and based on your ratings we get an averaged number rating of 1 to 100. 100 being the highest. My precints score is 95 right now. My clients are happy with the services we perfrom for them. And if a customer were to score us lower than a 75 i will call the customer find out what the issue is and make an attempt to make them happy. With the way the economy is no business can afford to lose a single customer.(look at curcuit city/firedog)
    Yes I do have a couple of agents whom are better salesmen than they are techs but they are still considered a good tech by anyones standards and they know how to trouble shoot a problem. sometimes they will need myself or a fellow agent to help them solve the issue but they are experienced enough to figure out what the problem is. We also now have required certs that each agent must complete in order to stay employed. I am A+and net+ certified and i also have my MCSA and I had a bit of difficulty with some of the questions on our required internal certs.
    Yes our prices may seem high but at least in my area they are no more than any of our local competitors.
    We push out on average 450 computers in a month. That is a lot of computers considering we have about a 150sq ft of work space and only 12 agents. So we do have an occasional redo who wouldnt have a few with that kind of volume. We are the best precinct in our district not only because of our volume but because we focus on the customers experience. I never want a customer to leave unsatisfied with our service. I will do what ever it takes to make each customer happy even if that means performing free services. Hitting our budgets are made a high priority by my superiors and that is understandable it is a business not Unicef.
    All of these horror stories I have been reading just make me sick and embarrased for the geeksquad brand because I take pride in what I do and i Love what i do. So to all of you former best buy/ geeksquad customers I apolgize for your bad experiences, but you should step throught those doors again sometime after July 10th we have rolled out a new operating model company wide completely focused around making you the customer feel important, and wanted. From now on it is all about you.

  53. GScia999 says:

    I work for the GS, some comments are valid, Others are not. You need brakes on your car, it could cost you up to $400 or more depending on the issue. why not go to your local NAPPA store and by the break parts your self and fix them. Parts are cheap and should only take you about 1 hour, that’s how fast Goodyear can do it. Taking you car in for a oil change is the same do it your self and save money. Your plumbing in your hose is backed up go rent a snake and fix it allot cheaper then the hourly rate from someone you would call. Saying your lazy and taking your pc in to be fixed because you messed it up, tells me you have no idea what you did to your PC please help me. People it is a service and we all know services are not free. If you could do a better job you would not have brought your PC into a repair service center. Please don’t complain about something you know nothing about.

    • mike says:

      back in 2002 i knew a little about computers, i had this computer that would freeze coming into windows and sometimes it would load windows no problem i took it to best buy “i think this was before the geek squad era, but still the same shit people” and asked them to fix it, the computer was bought from best buy and was on warranty, but yet i had to pay 100 bucks the 1st time, i got it back and all my stuff was missing and they formatted my hd and re installed windows….

      it had the same problem, i took it back a 2nd time that time i had to pay 183 bucks and same shit formatted and installed windows yet the same problem

      took it back the 3rd time and told them not to format my hd cuz its not working whatever they are doing and they need to fix it, guess what, i didnt have to pay that time, but they formatted my hd and re installed windows…

      i ended up finding out that there was a conflict with the aftermarket video card they installed a few months back so i took the aftermarket video card out took it back to them and got my money back and i have never been back since…

      geek squad or not, best buy is filled with a bunch of dumbasses i went to buy some thermal paste i was buliding a computer a few months ago and forgot to buy it at frys and the 2 different guys i talked to to see if they had it had no idea what thermal paste was omg are you fucking kidding me, i found it but still my point geez