UPDATE: Apple Will Sell You A Computer If You've Got Too Many Gift Cards!

Remember Charlie? She couldn’t buy a computer from Apple because they wouldn’t accept more than 4 gift cards in one transaction over the phone or on the website. Charlie lives 3 hours away from the nearest Apple store, and the product she wanted to buy wasn’t available in the store anyway. Hardly worth a 6 hour commute!

Charlie, pictured above, wrote to the Consumerist and, as if carried on the wings of angels directly to Steve Job’s ears, her complaint got addressed by some nifty PR people. Charlie writes:

Hey, Charlie here! Shortly after you posted my story, it took off hitting Digg’s front page and getting almost four thousand diggs!! I followed the advice of a comment and sent a few e-mails to people found on a page of PR contacts on Thursday night. Tuesday morning, I received a phone call from a very nice woman telling me that she would be more than happy to assist me with my purchase. I was handed off to an equally nice man in sales, and he took down all of my gift and debit card information and processed the order manually. The very next day I had my computer!! Yay for overnight shipping! They seemed very sincere in their apologies about what I had to go through, and have since made multiple follow up calls to keep me informed on my computer’s status and to get a confirmation that it was received. Thumbs up to you, consumerist!!

Ahh, the magic of internet + PR. In all seriousness, we’re so happy for Charlie and glad that Apple helped her out. We love happy endings!—MEGHANN MARCO

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