Sports Illustrated Refuses To Send Swimsuit Issue To Libraries

Why is Sports Illustrated refusing to send a copy of the swimsuit issue to libraries? Is it because they want people to buy it off the shelves? Robyn writes:

I am a librarian at the University of Dallas. We have not received our issue of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition even though we have an active subscription. The serials discussion list I am on has been abuzz on this topic. It turns out no libraries have received their issues. The publisher has decided not to send it to any institutions. Librarians who call in to complain are being offered an subscription extension of two issues. That will not satisfy patrons who are looking for the swimsuit edition. They’ll just have to go buy it on the newsstand (surely that’s not the publisher’s intent!)

It should be up to the institution to decide whether or not they choose to make the issue available to patrons. The publisher should send the issues we’ve paid for. If we throw them in the trash, that’s our prerogative.

Who knew librarians were so down with the swimsuit issue? That’s very cool, somehow.

Anyway, this is shady behavior by Time, the publisher of Sports Illustrated. Boo. If libraries want to provide the swimsuit issue then that’s their business.—MEGHANN MARCO

Message Board Full Of Pissed Off Librarians

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