Blockbuster Weighing Charge For Total Access

Blockbuster may soon levy a $4-$6 surcharge for Total Access. By allowing DVDs to be exchanged as free in-store rentals, Total Access dangles a potential workout before couch-potatoes who would otherwise return DVDs exclusively by mail. Blockbuster is quietly circulating a survey to gauge potential outrage to a price hike.

One of the ideas is to offer Mail-Only plans, which would allow members to receive and return DVDs only by mail, without the option to return them at a Blockbuster store and exchange them for free in-store DVDs.

At the same time that the Mail-Only plans are introduced, BLOCKBUSTER Total Access may also experience price changes to reflect the added value that this program represents compared to the Mail-Only options.

Blockbuster would also add additional service tiers, including an unlimited plan allowing four DVDs out at once, and limited plans capped at either two or three DVDs per month.

What do you think? Is Total Access’ “added value” worth the price? Is this enough to consider NetFlix’s movie streaming? Tell us in the comments. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Blockbuster Online to Raise Prices? [Hacking NetFlix] (Thanks to Frank!)

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