Lawsuit Alleges Comcast Allowed Murder Suspect To Stay On The Job, Kill Again

Did a Chicago woman die because Comcast didn’t pull a murder suspect from his job as a cable technician?
From the Daily Herald:

A Polish immigrant was killed because a cable repairman was allowed to continue making house calls despite being a suspect in a murder investigation, the victim’s fiance alleges in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Chicago.

Grzegorz Magiera’s wrongful death complaint says Comcast Corp. knew Anthony Triplett was suspected in the October slaying of one of the company’s customers but took no action.

Triplett, who was employed by a Comcast subcontractor, is accused of beating and raping Magiera’s fiance, Urszula Sakowska, during a service call to the couple’s home two months later.

“I am devastated and my heart is broken,” the 29-year-old Magiera said during a press conference at his attorney’s office. “It should not have happened. Comcast should have been more careful about its workers.”

Comcast was not able to comment other than to express sadness, due to pending litigation. One again, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone not to be alone in the house when having a stranger over to do repair work of any kind. Murderers have jobs, too. —MEGHANN MARCO

Suit alleges Comcast knew about murder suspect [Daily Herald]
(Photo: Mindfrieze)

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