Free Starbucks Next Week

Starbucks across the country will be giving away a free 12 oz or “tall” cup of coffee next Thursday, March 15th, from 10am to noon.

It won’t come without a price. Expect long lines. Some people report using up their entire lunch break just waiting for their free coffee when Starbucks does one of these free national coffee break deals. — BEN POPKEN

[Fat Wallet via Justin Nachod’s Blog]
(Photo: Ben Popken)


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  1. TedSez says:

    A tall coffee costs just $1.40 to $1.65, depending on which Starbucks you buy it from. So if you wait in line more than an extra 20 minutes for a free one, you’ll be “earning” less than minimum wage.

  2. kimsama says:

    Uh…unless you’re salaried and you’re taking a break, then you’re still getting paid plus you’re getting a break from work, plus you’re getting free coffee. I don’t like Starbucks, but I like free and I like breaks, so that’s my plan. Besides, 20 minutes out of my office sounds just great (hmm…I hope it’ll be more like 30 minutes…)

  3. mopar_man says:

    Some people report using up their entire lunch break just waiting for their free coffee

    You’ve gotta be shitting me. That makes as much sense as these people that line up at a gas station to save $0.10/gallon, running their car for 20 minutes while waiting.

  4. Falconfire says:

    wonder if this is in responce to McDonalds giving away a free coffee tomorrow.

  5. hildeaux says:

    i don’t know if i believe this. i work at starbucks and i haven’t heard a word about it. perhaps it’s just a resurrection of last summer’s free iced coffee coupon debacle.

  6. GiantPanda says:

    no, it’s real.

  7. hackajar says:

    This is for the “daily drip” coffee, not the fancy stuff. Not worth waiting in line for, but tastes a little better (very little) then Deny’s cofee, but not better then 7-11 IMHO

  8. IC18 says:

    Glad I dont drink coffee, but I will still use that excuse to take a long relaxing break away from work.

  9. teevoz says:

    Do yourself a favor: spring for the extra few bucks and get a latte. At least it won’t be burnt… I mean, “super-roasted”.

  10. teevoz says:

    I’d day, do yourself a favor and skip the free Starbucks drip – go for a few bucks and get a latte. At least those aren’t burnt … I mean, “super-roasted”.

  11. graphikartistry says:

    Best coffee in the world I promise, ready:

    Solo, Grande, ORGANIC, Vanilla, Misto = $3.40

    Try it you’ll see – although it isn’t for you drip coffee purest. Obviously!

  12. bambino says:

    what is ‘solo’ and ‘organic’? i’ve never heard those in starbonics

  13. alicetheowl says:

    Waiting in line for a burnt-tasting mouthful of pretentious swill? Where can I sign up?

  14. con40dmitri says:

    yea not worth the 20 minute wait, for a dollar or two. Go to dunkin’ donuts where it’s cheaper and more quality (not the fancier stuff obviosly.)

  15. rkmelissa says:

    This is completely true – I worked near a starbucks and all the employees would head down there for the free cup of bitter – sludge!

    I would prefer to drink my fair trade, organic, home-brewed cup of joy!

  16. nighthwk1 says:

    A Misto at SBUX is half coffee, half milk. “Solo” doesn’t even make sense here, unless you mean to add a shot of espresso.

    The organic milk that they use is pretty good, but I think it’s an acquired taste, like all UHT milk.

    To the “burnt-tasting” crowd: Order a specific coffee (the mild one of the week), otherwise you get the default dark roast.

    — former employee