Why is Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) Obsessed With Lent?

First they wanted the Pope to bless their Lent-themed fish sandwich, now Reader Ashi sends this photo.

Aside from the obvious answer: “There are a lot of Catholic people living on the planet.” Why is Yum! so obsessed with Lent? From their KFC Lent Fish Snacker Press Release:

“People can enjoy the flavor of the new Fish Snacker any day of the week, but we believe it will be especially popular on Fridays,” said James O’Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC. “It’s perfect for an on-the-go lunch or any time of the day when you need a quick snack but don’t want to sacrifice taste.

Lent-tastic!—MEGHANN MARCO


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