We're Sick of These &%*#! Passengers Getting Stuck On These $#!@* Planes!

Hello, airline industry? Can you hear us? As long as passengers are being held hostage on your planes and in your terminals for 8 hours at time every time there’s a little bad weather, we’re going to write about it. We’re not going to just forget! According to the Chicago Tribune there was yet another grounded flight over the weekend where passengers were forced to sit for extended periods of time. From the Chicago Tribune:

Last Saturday, a United Airlines flight sat at O’Hare International Airport for more than eight hours during an icy snowstorm. For entertainment, the passengers got to watch the plane get de-iced several times.

Fury over such incidents has prompted a new move in Congress to pass an airline passengers’ bill of rights. Various versions would force airlines to let people off planes after a delay of three hours, make the airlines service delayed flights with food, water and clean toilets, and compensate passengers when the airlines fail to comply.

Now, we’re not definitely saying “Yeah, bring on the legislation!,” but we would like to point out to the airlines how completely reasonable the above suggestions are. Fresh water! Clean toilets! Oh, and if you could try not to drop them off somewhere along the way to Denver, that’d be swell.—MEGHANN MARCO

Stuck on a plane [Chicago Tribune]
(Photo: striatic)

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