Jamba Juice Clerk Writes "DYKE" On Receipt Instead Of Customer's Name

Poor Charlene, a clerk at Jamba Juice typed “DYKE” onto her receipt instead of her name. If you’ve never been to Jamba Juice, the clerk is supposed to ask for your name when you order and type it into the register. It then appears on your receipt. Unless you’re Charlene. Then your receipt says, “DYKE.” From CBS13:

“It was one of those things that you just sit and you’re like wow, the world can be that ignorant sometimes,” Pabro told CBS13. “It’s really tough to go and thing that if I go in this establishment I wonder what name they are going to call me today.”

Jamba Juice has fired the employee and the CEO says he’s going to call Charlene personally to apologize. That conversation would be fun to listen to: “Hi, Charlene. Sorry we hired a complete douchebag. Have some free smoothies?”

Take note: The CBS link has excellent video of a stammering confused Jamba Juice employee trying to answer for the clerk while fielding calls from Jamba Juice corporate. —MEGHANN MARCO

Woman Finds Offensive Slur On Jamba Juice Receipt [CBS13](Thanks, Attorney Wrangler!)


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  1. juri squared says:

    Wow. That takes some sort of extra-special stupidity – I mean, they always GIVE you the receipt, complete with the name they’ve put in the computer.

    Perhaps the employee thought the customer wouldn’t look at the receipt? Half the time I never look at it…

  2. homerjay says:

    I can’t believe she bothered to look at it. Who does that?? The kid probably thought he was totally in the clear. What a asshat. (my new favorite word)

    Still, I think it was rude for that CEO to ask the reporter for the chick’s digits. Doesn’t he know she’s not into dudes?

  3. markymags says:

    “It was one of those things that you just sit and you’re like wow, the world can be that ignorant sometimes,” Pabro told CBS13.

    That pretty much sums this situation up in a nutshell. It is ridiculous to think how insensitive some people can be.

  4. royal72 says:

    so here’s the plan dude, you’re gonna get a job at dominos. after a few days i’m gonna come in and order us like 4 extra large pizzas and you’re gonna type in my name as (insert expletive here). of course i’ll be totally pissed and be like ready to fight you and ask for the manager… we’re so getting free pizza for life!

    …all jokes aside that really sucks and i’d be pissed too.

  5. VA_White says:

    OMFSM! Un-be-lievable.

    Yay to Jamba Juice for firing that wanker and not wasting a second trying to defend what he did.

  6. B says:

    Why does Jamba Juice need your name in order to sell a smoothie in the first place?

  7. I wish people properly used the word “racist”…It was not a “racist” comment. He didn’t write/express anything about her race. I think the correct term is “prejudice”…

  8. mathew says:

    Fortunately for Jamba Juice, “DOUCHEBAG” is hard to type on a cash register.

  9. thereviewer says:

    Ask for all the recipes to all the secret jamba’s especially the pink starburst, and white gummy.

  10. jamier says:

    Haha, I worked at a pizza place in college and our computer system required us to enter the name of the customer for take out pizzas. When it was busy or we didn’t want to prolong the conversation with the customer, we’d use shorthand like “douchebag,” “fuzzy bear,” “child molestor,” etc. These would print out on our internal order slips and whoever prepared the order would run around looking for “douchebag” to hand them their order. The descriptions never failed.

  11. RandomHookup says:

    Guess this will be a problem for an old friend. His first name is Dyke and Martina Navratilova didn’t appreciate it when he tried to interview her years ago.

  12. Will Clarke says:

    I didn’t know Ann Coulter worked at Jamba Juice!

  13. jamier says:

    We never used homophobic/racial/sexist slurs though… that’s moronic.

  14. Tallanvor says:

    @12-inch Idongivafuck Sandwich: Maybe if more people considered homophobic slurs to be as bad as racial slurs, then this sort of thing wouldn’t still be happening today.

  15. WindowSeat says:

    I used to host at a predominately gay restaurant that had a huge line for brunch and instead of taking names I would note the number of people in the party and something that stood out about them. (shouting “Michael” and getting four parties all day was a pain). I had a customer complain that I was seating a party before him and I had to show him my notes with the explanation: “See, he’s Queen in Bad Sweater, you’re Gnome with Moustache.”

  16. cindel says:

    Whether or not, she look at the receipt is the point; the clerk wrote it. WTF?

  17. Daytonna says:

    As insulting as this comment may have been, it really isn’t in the same class as a racial slur. yes it was rude, and a rather crude. but seriously, please get a tougher skin.

    When you give other the power to upset you with a insult you lessen yourself.

    And I really have to doubt that the employee just did this out of the blue. If I was a betting man, I would lay money that the employee asked for her name and the “victim” was rude or had a “sharp” comment for the girl behind the register.

  18. Here’s a novel idea: Make the kid who wrote it apologize. I’m thrilled that the CEO is eager to keep his fine name untarnished but he’s not the one at fault.

    If I were Charlene, I think I could appreciate the distinction. I don’t want or need a free smoothie because some kid called me a name.

  19. kerry says:

    @WindowSeat: Awesome. You did it right by doing it to everyone as a means of being descriptive, rather than singling someone out with a one-word, not particularly imaginative, slur. I would return to the restaurant that put me down as “breeder in ugly shoes,” or whatever they saw fit.

  20. If I was a betting man, I would lay money that the employee asked for her name and the “victim” was rude or had a “sharp” comment for the girl behind the register.

    But by your own logic, shouldn’t the employee have had a tough skin about it instead of lessening themselves by allowing themselves to react to it?

    I find the idea that the person being insulted is at fault for getting upset rather ridiculous. If it didn’t bother people it wouldn’t be an insult.

  21. itmustbeken says:

    Wow..one of those dim witted shake moneys wrote something bad on a receipt.

    Did I sound shocked,’cause I was really trying.

    I agree with Daytonna, I’m getting the vibe that this victim can be on wheels, and I’m not talking Dykes on Bikes if you follow me. Doesn’t excuse what happened to her but it could explain the moron’s actions.

    And who the hell goes over the Jamba Juice reciepts? Damn, get a hobby.

  22. faust1200 says:

    Don’t get mad, get even. You know there’s a dumb kid and where he works. There must be all sorts of ways a chick could f with a horny pimply faced juice slinger.

    “Hi I’m calling because i thought u were cute in the store…etc”

    “Why not meet me at etc. etc”

    “Make sure you’re wearing your etc etc.”

  23. Americana says:

    I’m sorry, but this story is hilarious.

  24. I can’t believe she bothered to look at it. Who does that??

    And who the hell goes over the Jamba Juice reciepts? Damn, get a hobby.

    Umm…isn’t it tax season? Aren’t lots of people going over all of their reciepts right now?

  25. Trying to force my comment to appear.

  26. Maulleigh says:

    Jamba Juice is the proud sponsor of the New York city St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

  27. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I’m sure this is a common practice/joke at places that ask for your name. These kids are bored at their minimum wage job and need something to entertain themselves. In the case of Jamba Juice here, the employee got caught.

    Here’s some advice.. next time you go to a place that asks for your name, just make something up. Tell them your name is “Super Star” or “Number 69” or “John Doe”.

  28. defectiveburger says:

    ahhh, yet another example of the fine people of Sacramento, California.

  29. GlassBottleLoveAffair says:

    As insulting as this comment may have been, it really isn’t in the same class as a racial slur. yes it was rude, and a rather crude. but seriously, please get a tougher skin.

    So it’s worse to call someone a “nigger” then a “dyke”? What if I call someone a “nigger dyke”, is that only half as offensive? And really, if you take offense to a racial slur you should “get a tougher skin”.

  30. Michael Bauser says:

    Aren’t lots of people going over all of their reciepts right now?

    Hah. I just pictured her submitting that receipt for an expense report. Imagine getting that e-mail from accounting — “This isn’t your receipt, it’s for some dyke.”

    Ahem. This reminds me of a story from my wage-slave days: I was working at a small-town drugstore, but not in the pharmacy. One week, the pharmacist get fired, and a new guy is brought in. New guy has a little fit about the pharmacy’s customer database. What could be wrong with the customer database, you ask?

    It has a “Comments” section for each customer. Apparently, the old pharmacist only left three kinds of comments in the system. Customers he liked got no comments. Customers he didn’t like (invariably, women), got “bitch.” Customers he really didn’t like got “total bitch.”

    Yeah, the first pharmacist had some issues with women, which I think everyone in our small town knew about. (Or, at least, all the women knew.) Fortunately, the database’s “comments” never appeared on anything printed for customers.

    The sad part? The rest of the pharmacy staff (all women) knew about the comments, too, but never complained because they knew management wouldn’t listen to them.

    What was my point, again? Oh, yeah: Pharmacist == “college graduate.” So it’s not just minimum-wage asshats out there, unfortunately.

  31. Demingite says:

    I agree with GlassBottle’s comments. The solution to a patently offensive act is not for the victim to “get a tougher skin.”

    I also don’t detect any support whatsoever for a speculation that the customer provoked the clerk. In any case, it would not excuse what happened.

    Ugly stuff.

  32. Trick says:

    Some Jamba Juice worker put “HOT-STUD” on my receipt.

    I can’t help being so darn attractive.

  33. itmustbeken says:

    Umm…isn’t it tax season? Aren’t lots of people going over all of their reciepts right now?

    She’s deducting Jamba Juice?
    If she takes business meetings at JJ, she’s either a personal trainer or as tacky as jewelry she is wearing.

    Why yes, I am feeling bitchy today…why do you ask?

  34. Mayor McRib says:

    Jamba Juice always puts BADASS on my reciepts and I keep going back.

  35. BotchedJoke says:

    Even as an evil republican global warming denier, this pisses me off. I hope she gets some financail compensation. Unemployment is now below 4% nationwide, but come on jamba juice, try training these dropouts on customer service.

  36. sixtoe says:

    According to Wikipedia (and apparently, the US Patent Office), calling someone a “dyke” is totally OK:

    Increasing acceptance

    In the late 20th and early 21st century, the term was reclaimed by many lesbians (to a far greater extent than, for example, “fag” for gay men). Examples in the culture include the comic strip “Dykes to Watch out For” and the traditional Dykes on Bikes that lead pride parades.

    Matters came to a head when the United States Patent and Trademark Office denied lesbian motorcycle group Dykes on Bikes a trademark for its name, on the grounds that “dyke” was an offensive word. In 2005, after a prolonged court battle involving testimony on the word’s changing role in the lesbian community, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board permitted the group to register its name. (365gay.com)

    “Dyke Marches” have become a popular Pride event nationwide. They are generally non-commercial, often in sharp contrast to corporate-sponsored pride events, and are usually inclusive of lesbian, bi, and trans women.”


  37. Havok154 says:

    I want to slap that lady so bad. Calling someone a dyke isn’t a racial slur. I hate when people refer to anything that is bigoted as being racial. Calling a black person “N” is a racial slur; calling someone a dyke is bigotry.

    Also, am I the only one who would get a good chuckle if someone did that on my reciept, even if it was true?

  38. Her Grace says:


    I see. Being attacked for one’s sexuality, something just as inherent as one’s skin tone, is a-okay in your universe. Would you tell her to grow a thicker skin if it had said “Chink” or another, more physical-appearance-oriented slur? I’m guessing not, since you said it’s not as bad as calling someone a “nigger.” Small-scale homophobia like this is a big deal, because it teaches people that hating gay people is fine. If hating gay people is fine, then it’s okay to do more than just use a snotty name on a reciept. This kind of thing can and does snow-ball, and the next thing you know people are trying to ammend the freakin’ Constitution to keep my dad from marrying his boyfriend because they’re afraid of what they don’t understand.

    Yeah, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I agree, but it’s still not cool and I appreciate Jamba Juice for stepping up and saying so. Little things like this have to change for the society as a whole to change.

    I figure she saves all of her reciepts and was going through them to sort which ones are important or not when she found it. Her saying it was racist made me cringe, though.

  39. Her Grace says:

    Sorry for the double post–Havok, yes, I’d probably still giggle about it. I’d be pissed, because while I feel comfortable calling myself a dyke, it’s not something I want some random clerk to call me, but I like to think I’d also be amused.

  40. Helvetian says:

    Inappropriate comment. Whenever a name is not give, they usually put “Female Cust” to identify them. Some will just put Customer. Either way using “DYKE” was out of line.

  41. Musician78 says:


    I think it would depend on my mood. Normally I would probably laugh and call the salesperson on it, to put him/her on the spot. If I was in a pissy mood, I would totally make a scene.

  42. aka Cat says:

    @GlassBottleLoveAffair: So it’s worse to call someone a “nigger” then a “dyke”?

    Speaking as someone who is likely to be labeled a dyke by the average bystander: Yes.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if there are any new sequels to Dykes to Watch Out For.

  43. Terminixsux says:

    Name calling is a strange thing, if you’re black, it seems OK (For many) to use the N word. If you are gay or lesbian, you can use fag, dyke, queer, or other potentially derogatory names. Does this mean that as a white hetero male I can call myself a Honky-Cracker-Breeder? but if anyone else calls me this, “Them’s fightin’ words!”

  44. I bet she did something to deserve it. I bet if I went into one of these places and the cashier put ‘redneck’ on my reciept, if and when I saw it I’d have a good laugh and forget about it. Not the most political correct thing in the world, but seriously kids, lets lighten up. My first reaction to this story was as follows: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. AcilletaM says:

    And who the hell goes over the Jamba Juice reciepts? Damn, get a hobby.

    If you look, she paid with a credit/debit card so she was probably trying to determine how many millions of little pieces to tear the receipt into.

  46. katana says:


    So by that, I guess its only offensive if she’s not a dyke?

    I don’t suppose that ‘poor Charlene’ left out the part where she was making out with another woman just before placing her order. Maybe has a butch haircut?

  47. Havok154 says:

    She did say she is openly gay. I bet she was talking to the guy about how she likes to have sex with her g/f or some other personal info that no on cares to hear. I’ve known a couple gay people that felt it was their job to let every new person they meet know that they are gay and also tell inappropriate stories about stuff they’ve done with other people, just so everyone knows they really are gay.

    Those type of people have no right to be offended by anything people say. They’re the ones who make sure to tell people stuff they have no need knowing.

  48. formergr says:

    “Those types of people…”? So Havok, the only people who have ever over-shared around you regarding a significant other are gay? Really? Because I’ve known LOTS of straight people that do this, and I would say disproportionally more than the gay people I know.

    I’m pretty sure this woman didn’t go up to the Jamba Juice cashier-jockey and say, “I’d like a mixxed berry smoothy, because I’m a proud gay woman and I just looooove having sex with my girlfriend!” Unrealistic, much?

    Having seen the clip, I would put good money on the fact that the clerk called her a dyke on the receipt for the sole reason of her having short hair and for (speculating here) wearing clothes at the store that some would consider less “feminine”.

    I’m a pretty fashion-conscious, makeup and jewelry wearing (not that this should make a difference since plenty of lesbians do the same), straight female who had boy-length hair for a year, and I cannot begin to tell you how many people (including not-so-distant family members) thought I was gay as a result.

  49. Baz says:

    I am shocked, absolutely shocked, that this kind of thing goes on at McJob.

    Still shocked.

  50. katana says:


    So you’re saying it was the butch haircut and not the making out?

  51. poornotignorant says:

    It was once explained to me by some african american women that they themselves call each other n—-r to take ownership of the word away from bigots and haters. I think that is what homosexuals have done with the words mentioned above. So it’s ok to use those terms if you are not a hater (!?). It was my contention that these women were being very mean to each other and the word intensified that.