Consumer Reports On Baroody Nomination

Consumer Reports weighs in on Bush’s nomination of Michael Baroody, former National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) spokesman (emphasis added):

When it comes to safety regulation, NAM has traditionally pushed for a hands-off approach, urging the Commission to rely on educational campaigns and voluntary standards set by industry. So it will be interesting to hear Baroody’s thoughts on the CPSC — and equally interesting to hear what the Democrat-controlled Senate thinks about the nomination.

The CPSC has been without a chairman since Hal Stratton left the Commission last July; and with only two commissioners, the agency has been left without a quorum, limiting its ability to issue new rules or take new action on large civil penalties against firms that have failed to report defective or hazardous products. We think it is very important the CPSC regain its full authority. However, it is even more important that — as an agency charged with overseeing safety of over 15,000 products, and ensuring that they do not pose unreasonable safety risks — the CPSC must be lead by someone who will champion the interests of consumers. Consumers Union will be urging Congress to carefully scrutinize Baroody’s views, perspectives, and biases. If those views reflect the manufacturers’ points of view, we have significant concerns with him running a consumer protection and consumer safety agency. In the coming next weeks we will be more carefully evaluating his background and urge Congress to do the same.

A birdie to keep your eye on, for sure. — BEN POPKEN

Bush to nominate Baroody as CPSC head [Consumer Reports On Safety]


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  1. Paul D says:

    Another fox guarding the proverbial henhouse.

    2 more years…

  2. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Nothing to see here move along….. Ahh good old George. What you need someone to look out for the “commoners”? Why I think one of my Industry loving buddies will fill the bill nicely. Just another case of the ppl getting the finger from our prez… screw 2 more years Impeachment can’t come soon enough.

  3. Uh oh... Cleveland says:

    It’s the Republican way… Put someone in charge of an agency who has spent their career fighting the mission of the agency. See Elaine Chao, Harvey Pitt, etc.

  4. synergy says:

    The Bush administration has a history of putting in charge the people who are against whatever protection industry they’re supposed to be heading. It’s all very Orwellian.