Morning Deals

Woot: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 w/ GPS Locator Hardware for $44.99

Dell: Inspiron 1501 with AMD X2 Dual Core for $599 Shipped

American Spirits: Free $20 gift certificate good towards buying cigarettes. Use extension code 79889.

Highlights From Bargainist

Polo: Clearance Sale up to 70% off
Karmaloop: Clearance Savings up to 70% Nokia N800 Internet Tablet $362.99

Highlights From Dealhack

Newegg: Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Wireless Headset only $21
Circuit City: JVC GR-D750 Mini DV Camcorder $238 Shipped
J&R Music: Brother PT-55BM Handheld P-Touch Labeler $9 Shipped


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  1. Scazza says:

    Okay, woot SERIOUSLY needs to get its ass delivering to canada. Its like every week is something on there that I just MUST HAVE.

  2. leftistcoast says:

    Cigarettes? Really? I realize they’re consumables but are deals on them really something that the Consumerist wants to advertise, considering tobacco companies particularly awful history of lying to the public about their products?

  3. jackdangers says:

    Yeah, and American Spirits ALWAYS has that $20 gift certificate marketing gimmick in effect. They used to send you two packs of cigarettes, free, but got in trouble when underage smokers started taking advantage of this.

    Plus, just you go ahead and try to redeem a cigarette gift certificate at your corner bodega.

  4. acambras says:

    LOL — I just remember American Spirits being touted as the “healthy” cigarette. Just like someone once told me that Camels are an environmentally-friendly cigarette because they have an all-cotton, biodegradable filter.

    I hate to be Captain Obvious, but the most healthy, environmentally-friendly thing to do is QUIT SMOKING, DUMBASSES.

  5. pestie says:

    The most important thing about American Spirits is that they’re packed really densely and it takes quite a while to smoke one. They’re not bad, though. Ahh, how I miss smoking…

  6. Shit. Now I need to go outside and get some ‘fresh air’ The trials of being an addict.

  7. Rahnee says:

    Woot: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 w/ GPS Locator Hardware for $44.99

    This is cool and all but I had MS streets and trips 2000 and then replaced it with the 06 version. Guess what? The maps are the same. NO UPDATES in 6 years? Whats up with that? Delorme has better maps and voice turn by turn for your PC AND they have downloadable updates.