How To: Attract An IRS Audit

Sometimes the best way to avoid something is to know what attracts it. Thankfully, J.D. at Get Rich Slowly has put together a list of suspicious items that will set off an audit flag on your return. Here are a few:

•Unreported income — This is a no-brainer. If you file a return but fail to report income received, you’re heading for trouble. All of your interest, dividends, and miscellaneous income must be reported. Remember: everyone who sends you a 1099 is also sending one to the IRS.

•Round numbers — It’s unlikely that your investment returns were exactly $500, or that your mortgage interest deduction was $10,000. Too many round numbers on a return are a symptom that something fishy may be going on.

The best way to avoid an audit is to be honest and organized!.—MEGHANN MARCO

Common Red-Flags That Lead to IRS Audits [Get Rich Slowly]


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  1. Rahnee says:

    There seems to be a theme of cat related photos recently. Cats on taxes. Cats on Totencomf(sp) shirts. Consumerist cats.

  2. B says:

    So does cathair on an IRS form attract an audit? I guess if whoever reviews the form is allergic it will.

  3. Kitty’s in your taxes, attracting your auditz

  4. Xkeeper says:

    It’s a kind of running theme. They always have a cat-themed photo for taxes.

    Nobody knows why.

    Besides, most of the time, they’re cute.

  5. xmountain says:

    Are taxes even legal. I’m not trying to undermine all of the good will of the gov’t but where does it say we are required to pay?

  6. tomdobb says:

    xmountain: The 16th amendment to the Constitution.

  7. HykCraft says:

    Rounding off numbers = auditing? That’s completely BS. I’ve been rounding up my .87 and .26, etc etc etc to the nearest or lowest dollar and I’ve never been auditing in the 10 years I’ve been playing taxes since I was 16.