Ask Meghann's Dad!

Meghann’s dad, a commercial construction electrician with 35 years experience, has volunteered to answer any questions the readers might have about home improvement, simple wiring, hiring a sub-contractor, life, art, his 1967 Firebird convertible, or any other topics your strange, evil minds can come up with.

We know that home improvement can be a daunting subject, but Edgar, also known as Mr. Marco, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. But no, he will not install your ceiling fan for free on his day off. Please, stop asking him.

To submit your question to “Ask Meghann’s Dad” please email it to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Put “Ask Meghann’s Dad” in the subject.


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  1. WalkenTall says:

    not all at once…

    I have a question…are you always so out of focus?

  2. SexCpotatoes says:

    I have a question, where can I get a goddamn grounding screw for my electrical panel. I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find anything online! It’s supposed to be green and 1 and 3/8 or something, and bevelled at the end… But my electrical box didn’t come with one. Should I call GE, or just steal one out of a box at Lowe’s?

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    Hey, Meghann’s dad: let’s see the pictures from Meghann’s junior high prom! Puhleease?! :D

  4. hop says:

    use any metal screw that will fit….electricity is color blind….jut a little dab of green paint will let you know it’s a ground screw………

  5. How on earth do I discover where the trickle of water in my basement when it rains is coming from???????

  6. snazz says:

    how do i satisfy a woman and get her to make a lifelong committment to me?

  7. dale3h says:

    Woot! My girlfriend drives a 1979 Formula Firebird, but it isn’t convertible. Mine is, though :)

    No questions here.

  8. pestie says:

    Dear Mr. Marco: How did you make such a cute daughter? Is a special diet involved?

  9. kevjohn says:

    I need to re-tile my grandma’s kitchen, but would prefer to avoid having to pry 30-year old tile from the concrete base. Can’t I just take some of that new tile stuff with the sticky backside and slap it down right on top of the old tile?

  10. SexCpotatoes says:

    @hop: Actually, I did this buying of correct sized screws, BUT since they don’t have a bevelled end, they do not seat in.

  11. peokuk says:

    Which are better or safer to have for a home, fuses or circuit breakers with 60 or 100A service?

  12. orielbean says:

    Kevjohn – if you won’t use a scraper to rip out the old tile, you at least need to put a new base on top of the crap tile. This usually involves thin plywood and ABSOLUTELY involves levelling cement. Keep in mind that you will raise the floor height by just slapping something down on top of it.

    Also, I hate those sticky 1×1 tiles. We used them in a basement landing, where they worked fine. But when we redid a small bath with them (same reason like you – less rework) as soon as the water got anywhere near them, they came up and loosened.

    Get yoself a floor scraper and a whole lotta elbow grease. Once you get the old tiles out, apply levelling cement and plywood, then go get some sheet goods (aka linoleum). You can trace out the exact pattern of Nana’s floor and cut a single sheet. It will look beautiful, be very inexpensive, and you will do a nice thing for the lady.