USPS Rate Hike: The Forever Stamp

The USPS wants to raise the rate of first-class stamps $.02 to $.41, and while they’re at it, they’d like to introduce the “Forever Stamp.” From BusinessWeek:

A new “forever” stamp — good for mailing a letter no matter how much rates go up — was recommended Monday by the independent Postal Regulatory Commission. A forever stamp would not carry a denomination, but would sell for whatever the first-class rate was at the time.

For example, if the 41-cent rate takes effect, forever stamps would sell for 41 cents. If rates later climbed to 45 cents or more, the price of the forever stamp would also go up at the counter or machine, but those purchased before the change would still be valid to mail a letter.

Sounds like a good idea, but we wonder if it wouldn’t make the USPS more cavalier about raising postage rates…—MEGHANN MARCO

Postal panel wants 2-cent stamp hike [BusinessWeek]