BusinessWeek Launches List Of "Customer Service Champs"

BusinessWeek has created an inaugural list of companies that provide excellent customer service. These “customer service champs” run the gamut of industry and are especially notable for simultaneously winning the praise of BusinessWeek while avoiding the ire of Consumerist.

For these companies, great customer service is much more than just a job for the front lines or the call centers. It takes coordination from the top, bringing together people, management, technology, and processes to put customers’ needs first. That’s true today more than ever. Technology is leveling the barriers between alpha companies and also-rans, making great customer service one of the few ways companies can distinguish themselves.

Topping the list, insurance company USAA, followed by the Four Seasons Hotel, Cadillac, Nordstrom, and Rochester’s main tourist attraction, Wegman’s Food Market. JetBlue would have made the list at No. 4, but “in the wake of such a massive operational meltdown, BusinessWeek decided to take a wait-and-see approach…”

We salute the winners for their outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

The Best Customer Service Companies [BusinessWeek] (Thanks to Tim and Mark!)

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