Walmart: No Comment After SuperCenter Snake Bites Seven Shoppers

Walmart refuses to address the plight of Jason Page, whose hand is paralyzed after a bite from a 1.5 foot-long pygmy rattlesnake. Page is the seventh known victim to suffer a snake bite at a Walmart.

Reaching down for a second pot, he said, he felt a sudden pain, and after lifting up his arm, discovered the rattler “still hanging on to my finger.”

“I freaked out a little and tried to flip it off me,” he recalled, but in the process “stepped backwards on to my shopping cart,” falling on to some patio stones and injuring his back.

Page’s finger has endured a snake bite, surgery, physical therapy, and still, “it’s getting worse and worse.”

Seven snake bites and no action from Walmart?

  • One bite, fine, a snake escaped from a bog.
  • Two bites, the snake had a friend.
  • Three bites, call Edelman.
  • Four bites, stop wondering why employees are quitting.
  • Five bites, call Edelman again. This time, leave a message.
  • Six bites, call KFC, borrow some snake bait.
  • Seven bites? No, there is no excuse for letting a snake bite seven of your customers. None.

Said Page, “I have no doubt this will happen again.” To paraphrase, “I have had it with these motherf#cking snakes in this motherf#cking Walmart!” — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Wal-Mart Rattlesnake Victim Issues Warning []

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