The New IMDB Website Could Use Some Work

We don’t want to rain on their parade, but we think the new IMDB website’s recommendation engine could use some work. Just because a movie is about someone returning home, and contains the word…well, you get the idea. —MEGHANN MARCO

The Abandoned [IMDB] (Thanks, Chris!)


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  1. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    IMDb has got a lot more problems than the recommendations.

    Just look at the main page for the show “St. Elsewhere”
    I couldn’t remember one of the main castmembers names, so I went there!
    Who the hell are these actors?

  2. tadiera says:

    I experienced similar with Netflix a few years ago:

    Maybe they’re using a similar engine?

  3. j.a.s.o.n says:

    The algorithm that Netflix uses now is extremely sophisticated. But they’re trying to improve on it by holding a one-million dollar contest to find a better algorithm.

  4. guroth says:

    I dont like the new design of imdb period, they should go back to last weeks design

  5. billybastion says:

    i agree with guroth. the new desgin is awful. i liked the simplicity of the old design, i dont got to imdb for recommendations, thats why i have netflix.

    i want to be able to easily find names of actors or movies but with all of the crap on the screen its now more difficult/takes longer.

    (this isnt me being lazy, often ill be in a movie or watching a tv show and see someones name, go home and imdb them to find out what else theyve been in, the new design makes this process more cumbersome)

  6. Clampants says:

    Nothing gives a recommendation engine that personal touch like saying “our database recommends…”

  7. pestie says:

    Wow! What a steaming heap of crap this design is! What’s with sites that do this? I actually stopped reading The Onion after they redesigned it into what has to be the ugliest page this side of MySpace. Do they actually sit in a meeting and say stuff like, “We sure do have a great site! Let’s fuck it up!” or what?

  8. Metschick says:

    I actually stopped reading The Onion after they redesigned it into what has to be the ugliest page this side of MySpace.

    I thought I was the only one. Once The Onion redesigned, I just couldn’t get it it. I’m weird I know, but I really loved the orig. simplicity of the page.

  9. Cassiopaeionme says:

    IMDBs recommendation thingee has sucked miserably from Day 1, not just in conjunction with the debatable site redesign. Funny how folks are noticing it recently, though. Perhaps more people are dabbling with this function now that the site has a more cluttered, “information excess” look. Rarely, if ever, have IMDb’s recommendations had anything to do with the movie you looked up; the suggestions were often laughably inconsequential, apparently chosen by trolls (not by any kind of clever math algorithm). The same function at Netflix is certainly more useful (even off-beat suggestions are enlightening). It’s scary, though, how definitive a source people presume IMDb is…it is certainly NOT the last word on film.