Round 5: Halliburton vs News Corp

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Let’s split a hair on the devil’s nape. News Corp is new to the running while this marks Halliburton’s second appearance in the polls. One company is accused of distorting to serve a politically biased agenda. For some, the other embodies the worst governmental contractor stereotypes: bilking the taxpayer through no-bid contracts, fraud, waste, graft, and corruption. In casting their decision this round, voters must ask themselves which is the greater of two evils. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. Big Poppa Pimp says:

    Ahh- A real dilemma for left-wing consumerists. How can they possibly choose?

  2. lonbordin says:

    …seems like chicken -n- egg to me.

  3. Falconfire says:

    All News Corp is evil of doing is going after the big dollar (and being yellow journalists to do it)

    The big H though, is spending OUR money and killing OUR troops to make themselves filthy stinking rich

  4. desonos says:

    I, in a insanely difficult decision that took about 5 seconds, chose News Corp. Although Halliburton is evil, they are only doing what a good corporation should do – doing their best to exploit the things that surround them, one of those being the government. News Corp, however, is screwing with the minds of the voters, spending less time on information and more time feeding them drivel about Swift Boats and how bad gay marriage is. Both are crazy evil, but News Corp (despite their right to do so) is doing more damage, if you ask me.

  5. adropp says:

    Uhmmmm can I vote twice?

  6. Truculent says:

    I’m with desonos on this one. Halliburton is wasteful and evil, but they are doing what they are supposed to do, with the blessing of the Dark Lord, Dick Cheney, News Corp., on the other hand, is wierd, wiggy, and bat-shit insane, publishing a paper filled with childish hyperventilated outrage, pseudo-populism, and an almost total disregard for the facts. And who the fuck cares about their circulation wars with the Daily News? Throw the rascals out!

  7. mewyn dyner says:

    @desonos: I went through the same dilemma. Both of these two corporations are phenomenally evil, but since News Corp messes with the minds of the public, I voted for them.

  8. wasylm says:

    I can choose to ignore News Corp, even if their influence might effect others, but Halliburton is evil in a much more concrete way.

  9. WindowSeat says:

    What wasylm said. News Corp is just a cheerleader for the system that gutted a vertically integrated Military to make corporations like Halliburton and SAIC possible.

  10. orielbean says:

    Halliburton is the embodiment of the willful blindness, corruption, and the minute everyday bureaucratic evils that allow bad things to happen to undeserving people on both sides.

    Brave volunteer soldiers who choose to serve so I don’t get drafted – they don’t get the things they need, they get ripped off. Taxpayers get ripped off. Even the people who are supposed to get new hospitals and police stations, you know, the Iraqis? They are getting ripped off of their oil revenue by these dirtbags.

    To Godwin this thread, Halliburton are the Nazi pencil-pushers and News Corp is Goebbels’s lie machine. Which was worse in post-Weimar Germany? They were both part of the problem. I believe someone said it eariler – chicken & egg problem.

    However, with a semblance of free thought still allowed, I can turn off Fox News / News Corp. I can choose. I cannot choose to fire Halliburton or throw the machine in jail. I can only fire my congresscritter once every 4-6 years, and still get ignored anyways. So….HB for the (god)win!

  11. Sudonum says:

    I actually had to hire Halliburton to do some work at a laundry facility in a hotel I was working at about 10 years ago. From a customer service standpoint my experience with them there was excellent. However, that being said, what they are doing with taxpayer money in the name of the US government is an abomination. But they wouldn’t be in the position to rob us blind if it wasn’t for Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp.

  12. halliburton is ultimately indictable, and possibly soon. alas, newscorp can’t be prosecuted for its rancid reality-distortion. i wonder if we could start a fund to gradually buy up all newscorp’s stock and put it out of business? sort of class-action public trust-fund model.

  13. junkmail says:

    Journalists distorting facts to serve a politicaly biased agenda? GASP, say it isn’t so!!! psssht… where the hell have you people been? That’s like saying… well, actually, I can’t even come up with an analogy that would be ridiculously obvious enough. Let’s just say,


  14. batasrki says:

    I really don’t know who I would vote for. Everyone here makes compelling points for either evil (or is that against, whatever it’s too early for me to make that distinction). In any case, even though I consider Haliburton worse, they can ultimately be held responsible for their actions, which something you can’t say for News Corp. Therefore, News Corp gets my vote.

  15. junkmail says:

    Journalists distorting facts to serve a politicaly biased agenda? GASP, say it isn’t so!!! psssht… where the hell have you people been? That’s like saying… well, actually, I can’t even come up with an analogy that would be ridiculously obvious enough. Let’s just say,


    (sorry if dupe, original got eaten)

  16. Sean says:

    “One company is accused of distorting to serve a politically biased agenda.”

    News Corp. bought the NY Times?? When did that happen?

    /insert ROTFLMAO smilie here

  17. John Stracke says:

    So when do we get “The Consumerist vs. People That Can Make Polls That Work In Firefox”?

  18. r81984 says:

    News Corp is worse, because of their lies and political lobbying they helped fool the American People into voting for Bush.
    If Bush and Cheney were not in office Haliburton would not have to been able to accomplish all the evil they have.

    News Corp is the Devil and Haliburton is just an outcome of the Devils actions.

  19. nakmario says:

    but Newscorp brain-washes millions of people, in turn those people allow companies like Halliburton run wild!

  20. Slosh says:

    good god man, this is the most difficult task i have ever faced! how to choose?

  21. John Stracke: I’m using Firefox and I don’t have problems with the polls (I’m still on 1.5)

  22. John Stracke says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: I’m on 2.0. I suppose it could be my proxy (which does ad filtering and so forth); I’ll give it a try with the proxy turned off. (The poll’s closed now, so I’ll have to wait.)

  23. dotyoureyes says:

    At least News Corp uses private money to spread their right-wing propaganda.

    Halliburton uses your money to line their pockets and endanger our troops, all while spreading their right-wing propaganda.

    Really no contest here.

  24. orielbean says:

    Dotyoureyes, they get to use the public airwaves to spread the hate. And they push yellow jingoist crap which truly endangers the troops. Spanish War, anyone? Remember the Maine!

  25. char says:

    In a difficult decision I went with News Corp. While Halliburton pretty much defines evil, with news outlets like news corp we have no way to even know about how terrible they are. When we know about them, we can fight them, but if we never know, halliburton keeps winning.

  26. Macroy says:

    Say what you will about Halliburton.

    News Corp is the one that owns Myspace.

  27. Bryan Price says:

    That was a hard one, but I made it.

  28. I voted for Halliburton. I can work around News Corp by getting my news and entertainment online and from alternate sources. Nothing I can do about Halliburton though. They just steal my tax dollars and no matter how many times I vote against Bush, his cronies, and his party, Halliburton is still hanging around.

  29. middy says:

    You guys are really serious about all this “corporate fascism, Fox = Goebbels” crap, aren’t you? Just wow. This country is more fucked than you could possibly realize.

    Don’t worry, though. I’m sure you’ll get a Democrat back in the Oval office and then there will be world peace.