Howto: Get Your Name Off The No-Fly List

The Department of Homeland Security has finally woken up, and now admits that the No-Fly List has its problems.

The list (a mishmash of multiple lists, actually) has plenty of bugs. Perhaps most famously, Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy was kept off of airplanes, because someone with the same name was a suspected terrorist.

Getting your name removed from the list has, until now, been a painstaking and thankless task, with no guarantee of success. That’s supposed to improve now, via a simplified online “redress procedure,” which naturally comes with a government-ese acronym. It’s the DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). Get it? “Trip”? Alright then.

If you’re on the list, you can visit the DHS TRIP site and get the ball rolling. It’s unclear how long it takes to see real action, but in theory you should hear back within days, rather than the months it used to take. MARK ASHLEY

DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program [Department of Homeland Security]
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  1. Don’t forget the no-fly list isn’t necessarily literal. Sometimes it just indicates that you *always* get searched. There are a lot of variables included in the procedure.

  2. Also note that you have to mail in snail mail form to complete the process. So much for it taking days.

  3. er… I had made a followup comment about needing to snailmail in the forms, but I’m an idiot and it’s not showing up. Anywho, if you read it closer you can fax or email in digital copies. Too bad it doesn’t submit the final form for you via the web, though. Guess it needs the drivers license/whatever scan.

  4. bones says:

    Does anyone truthfully believe there is a terrorist somewhere in the world named Senator Ted Kennedy? Or could it just be the Bush outfit making the lives of prominent democrats miserable?

  5. lore says:

    There was a great Boston Legal episode about this. It was hilarious. William Shatner’s character couldn’t fly for the same reason as Ted Kennedy: a terrorist had his name.

  6. Macroy says:

    @lore: I was just about to comment to this effect. Great episode!

  7. Coronagold says:


    Trust me, Ted Kennedy doesn’t need Bush to make his life more complicated than the rest of the population. It’s ingrained.

  8. I know two John Gilmores, one of which is the “terraist” and the other who is a retired airline executive. It’s been amusing.

  9. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    Will this mean that David Nelson, brother of Ricky, son of Ozzie & Harriet will be able to fly again?

  10. Xoke says:

    A few years back I was flying some internal flights in the US and was picked for extra security checks every single time (and I mean every single flight – about 6 in total in a row). I was talking to one of the TSA guys who seemed quite nice and approachable and he said it was because I was flying alone one-way.

    Don’t know if that was actually why or not but it’s been the only time I’ve been subject to extra checks on internal flights. Even flying into the country I didn’t have any hassle (well apart from once but the TSA agent was … well lets just say the offspring of a pony and a horse). So it looks like it’s about right.

  11. B says:

    Step 1: Change name to Cat Stevens.

  12. superbmtsub says:

    What if Dick Cheney’s name was on the No-Fly list? It would be a dream. In the real world, the bad guys always win – Bush (clown leader), Osama (killer), Cheney (bestbud shooter), Kim Jong (despot), Saddam Hussein (You cant prosecute him. He’s a symbol now).

  13. mad_oak says:


  14. MR_MURPH says:

    I applied for trip about 3 weeks ago. The web site says my application has been reviewed and a assment has been made. I was supposed to get a snail mail letter telling me the results. As of yet I haven’t recieved a letter. Anybody else apply if so how long did it take?

  15. jamesodba says:

    I would like to know how it is possible that there are over 70,000 (last I saw) names on the no fly watch list? If all these names are people that need to be prevented from flying then why isn’t the FBI busy 24/7 either arresting these “terrorists” before they act or taking them off the list?