Cingular Spends 1.8 Million Dollars A Day Upgrading The LA Area. Just The LA Area.

It’s no wonder Cingular has to drop their less profitable customers, they’re spending money like a Halliburton employee in a war zone…just to upgrade their LA network. From their Press Release:

“The past two years were unprecedented — investing almost $1.3 billion to deliver a quality wireless experience to our customers here,” said Andy Shibley, vice president and general manager for the company’s Greater LA market. “Our wireless network is world class and second to none. The major expansion we completed was an extraordinary achievement that enables us to provide exceptional service for our customers today and into the future.”

According to the press release they’ve concentrated their efforts, in part, on Pismo Beach, which we remember from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Now Bugs can talk on his cell phone if he forgets to take a left at Albuquerque. —MEGHANN MARCO

AT&T’S Wireless Unit Completes Two-Year $1.3 Billion Investment to Expand and Enhance Los Angeles Area Network (Press Release) [Cingular]
(Photo: Hey Paul)

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