Home Depot Remodelling Service Investigated For Sucking

Linda Byron investigates complaints against Home Depot’s remodeling service, detailing a history all too familiar to close readers of The Consumerist: extensively delayed projects, shoddy workmanship, and unresponsive customer service when things go wrong.

As Linda alludes to at the end of the newscast, the real problem lies in that Home Depot customers are forced to pay for their services in full, upfront. Typically, contractors don’t get full payment until the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. By denying customers this crucial check and balance, Home Depot encourages sloth and incompetence.

For their part, consumers should avoid agreeing to deals where there is no built-in recourse if the good or service isn’t up to par. — BEN POPKEN

Investigators: Shoddy work leaves Home Depot customers feeling nailed [King5] (Thanks to Cherise!)