Delta Gives 45-Second Consolation Talk After Crash Landing

Post-crash consolation talks have joined pretzels and pillows on the list of things no longer offered by Delta. NewsNet5 reports the airline gave terrified passengers a 45-second consolation talk after skidding their commuter plane off a snowy Ohio runway.

The supervisor did tell passengers to stay if they weren’t feeling well. To sum up her 45-second talk, she said, “That’s all. We don’t want to hold you up. We know that it’s been an upsetting afternoon and we certainly apologize.”

The talk came after Delta spent 45 minutes deplaning everyone. No wheelchairs for the elderly, no water for the passengers. Delta thinks the passengers are overreacting. According to Delta, “The plane landed and came to a stop at the end of the runway.”

We have flown before. Our planes landed and stopped at the end of the runway. Our planes did not:

  • Skid off the runway;
  • Crash through a fence;
  • Slam into a ditch;
  • Lose the nose gear;
  • Bust up any of the following: wings, engines, undercarriage.

One scared and scarred passenger summed it up well, saying, “They didn’t care and we had just been through the worst situation of our lives.” — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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