The Office of Thrift Supervision Is Indeed Thrifty

As zieak says, “I thought it very thrifty of them to replace just the R and not the whole sign.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Office Of Thrift Supervision


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  1. bluegus32 says:

    That is awesome! I wish mroe governmental agencies were like that.

  2. mikesfree says:

    That letter was probably custom made to fit the sign at $6000.

  3. spanky says:

    Thrifty? Because only one of the letters on their sign is made out of solid gold? SO FAR?

  4. @mikesfree: LOL… no here’s how it really went. Sarcasm detectors on full.

    They wanted to sub-contract the design of the R out to a company, but realized that it was a custom font that they had licensed for the specific use of that logo and under copyright provisions weren’t allowed to make another one just like it without contacting the original sign-designer who had died back in 1968.

    Since the records of that design contract had been misplaced, presumably in a folder underneath some boxes in a warehouse somewhere, they realized they had to reimplement a similar looking font and contracted the use of Adobe font engineers to meticulously piece together the R based on anthropological data from the 1950’s. With the approval of the Office of Exterior Designs and Americans with Disability Act, they made absolutely sure that the typeset would conform to the new usability guidelines in place when implementing a “Visual Guide for the Discernment of Federal Government Offices” act of 1974.

    After a large conference call, which included the directors of Thrift Supervision, the IRS, and FEMA, the new R was approved and was set into place by a custodial technician on site. Promptly afterwards they re-licensed the font for further use, and stuffed away the information in a file folder marked “OTSLOGO1233X”; locked it away never to be seen again.

    Total government cost: 60,000 dollars and over two-hundred hours of implementation time.

  5. muddgirl says:

    The new R looks different from the old R; that might be due to the camera angle.

  6. Citron says:

    That’s just great!

  7. mcbarnicle says:

    @something amazing: Don’t forget the one-teim associated line item cost of $25,000 that went to the expenses of the committee to establish a working memorandum regarding the feasibility study to investigate the possibility of setting up an inquiry as to who took the ‘R’… Clearly the work of Thrift haters or terrorists or some local punk who’s name begins with ‘R’ – you hear that ‘R’? We’re on to you….

  8. Thanks for making my day Consumerist!

  9. bndocksnt says:

    @muddgirl: I suspect it has something to do with where the lighting source is located. ohh, your dry wit pleases me.

  10. rbb says:

    Who’s to say that they didn’t replace all of the letters except the “R?”

  11. clbarrientos says:

    Substantially it works because it’s the culture of the office. Love it.

  12. clbarrientos says:

    @Citron: how do I add an image to my name?

  13. faust1200 says:

    @something_amazing: Very nice. Anthropological

  14. Wasabe says:

    Is this what is meant by “GIT-R-DONE”?

  15. David Heyman says:

    OTS was once actually cost-efficient, as government agencies go, constantly scrutinized and threatened by Phil Gramm, and effective in keeping S&L’s solvent. Of course once the current administration got in, no surprise that the budget was slashed and the old Charles Keating/Neil Bush cronies began to reapply. They’re probably even stingier now.